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Date:2021-07-26 14:30:36

In the post-pandemic era, with the rapid development of audio & video technology, the demand for audio & video applications has grown rapidly in various industries such as insurance, banks, courts, communities, hospitals. To ensure that transparency and traceability in business processes like business processing and personnel control. It is urgent to use Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, and other intelligent interactive technologies to promote smart audio & video integration technologies deeply integration of industry application fields, improves the intelligent supervision of cities.
5g audio video pre-warning system
Industry Pain Point
1. High input cost is not conducive to enterprise operation and maintenance
Traditional video surveillance is based on wired surveillance technology, requires a fixed installation location & network cable, needs to build a central computer room to complete video decoding & forwarding, and the investment cost is high.
2. Aging monitoring equipment is not conducive to data management
Traditional video monitoring equipment is aging, and the information monitoring process is unstable. Once an accident occurs, it is easy to fail to obtain evidence due to monitoring failures, causing worse social impact and serious consequences.
3. Few service functions, system security is greatly compromised
The traditional video surveillance system is limited by the development of technology. It can only carry out on-site monitoring and simple alarm information transmission. It cannot transmit video signals over long distances. It is very difficult to understand the specific conditions of the front end and confirm the event, which invisibly reduces the system stability and security.
4. High internet traffic pressure and high cost
Audio and video services consume a large amount of traffic whether it is the increasing demand for high-definition, 4K/8K video, or the surge in live broadcast and on-demand volume caused by hot events, this poses a huge challenge to bandwidth reserves and elastic resources.

5g audio video pre-warning system
Solution Introduction
Based on the pain points of the market industry, Four-Faith uses existing 5G communication technology to provide a more comprehensive and more dimensional 5G audio & video pre-warning system solution for the intelligent security cloud decision-making center to create a more effective security protection system.

The Four-Faith 5G audio & video pre-warning system solution connects the camera, audio alarm, and monitoring computer to the Four-Faith 5G industrial CPE F-NR200. The server receives the video data from the camera in real-time through the 5G core network and runs AI algorithms to detect whether the scene that some people have violated the law. Once the violation is detected, the server will send out an alarm signal, which will be sent back to the audio alarm through the 5G network. When the alarm sounds, the on-site monitoring computer can quickly display the camera screen and alarm information to inform the security personnel of the approximate location of the incident at the first time.
Solution Valve
The Four-Faith 5G audio & video pre-warning system solution not only achieve the visualization of audio & video monitoring information in different industries, and standardizes the maintenance process, but also achieve that each link can be followed. It has a complete audio and video monitoring operation file to ensure that key information is not lost and maintain the city security and intelligence are developing steadily. At the same time, the company's human and material costs are greatly reduced. Even you are far away, you can control the on-site situation at any time. Pre-warning of illegal acts in the first time, complete the system alarm work, and greatly maintain the long-term social peace and stability
Real Case

Four-Faith F-NR200 5G industrial CPE using hoop-type installation, provide stable and reliable 5G network for on-site terminals.

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