Let Perception be the Escort of Safety: Four-Faith 5G Intelligent Urban Traffic Monitoring Solution

Date:2022-03-09 09:38:03

With the rapid development of the social economy, the growth rate of motor vehicle ownership is rapid, traffic demand is greatly increased, and management is increasingly difficult. In the face of the main artery of national economic development: expressways and urban expressways, how to achieve intelligent management, anytime and anywhere monitoring has become one of the urgent problems to be solved by the traffic management bureau.
The current video surveillance system is relatively backward, however, less information of road surface to collect, single function, has failed to keep pace with the development of road construction speed, four urban roads intelligent monitoring system solution in public security prevention and control and traffic management plays an important role, for road traffic monitoring, hit-and-run chase, no criminal case detection and so on provides valuable clues, Greatly improved the level of traffic management and case handling efficiency.
Pain Point
Manual Retrieval is Inefficient and Time-consuming
Most of the traditional video surveillance systems are mainly to meet real-time surveillance and post-video verification. Many surveillance cameras retain the past video resources, which brings severe information retrieval problems for subsequent inventory.
Construction Wiring is Complex Which is not Conducive to Maintenance
Traditional road monitoring requires complex construction wiring on-site, high construction cost, long cycle, and high maintenance difficulty when equipment fails, which is not conducive to maintenance management.
The Function is not Powerful, Unable to Achieve Real-time Analysis
Traditional road monitoring has few collection points of road information and single functions, which cannot realize the real-time analysis of video data. It cannot give early warning to high-risk vehicles such as fake license plates, resulting in a surge in late investigation tasks.
Video Surveillance Systems
Solution Introduction
Four-Faith urban traffic intelligent monitoring system is a set of city public security prevention and control and intelligent traffic management-oriented HD video monitoring system, not only meet the normal road monitoring system for road coverage, all-weather HD video monitoring requirements, all of them, and at the same time, intelligent monitoring system and control system is introduced into full-screen video detection, video tracking, license plate recognition, and other industry-leading videos intelligent technology, Perfect solution to the traditional video surveillance mode of massive video piled up in the storage center, requiring a lot of human input for manual verification of the pain point problem.
Intelligent Monitoring System
System Integration
1. Intelligent Video Analysis and Vehicle Recognition
Based on the four-information Internet of Things communication technology, the video stream of the monitored vehicle is analyzed when the traffic control is carried out on the road sections, such as motorcycles, electric vehicles, and large trucks, to detect the vehicle model information and improve the accuracy of monitoring.
2. Support Remote Monitoring, can Check Anytime and Anywhere
Traffic management center can realize remote view and real-time attention to road conditions through mobile phones, tablets, computers, and other information terminals.
3. Visual real-time monitoring
Omni-directional, all-weather, all-angle monitoring of the installation point within the monitoring range of the road condition, the system 24 hours of uninterrupted patrol, supplemented by image recording and capture.
Solution Advantages
Remote HD Video Transmission, Reduce Costs
By integrating the 5G communication module in the intelligent video monitoring terminal, the remote transmission of high-definition pictures and real-time videos can be supported without on-site wiring, and the construction of a road monitoring system can be realized with low cost and high efficiency.
Timely Handling of Illegal Vehicles and Personnel, Improve Efficiency
It can remotely remind, collect evidence, and inform owners of punishment through SMS, voice, and text messages for common illegal behaviors such as speeding, using a set of license plates and blocking license plates. It has changed the monitoring mode from traditional post-verification to active video prevention and control, improving the overall work efficiency.
Improve the Capacity of Urban Roads and Reduce Accidents
To control traffic flow, improve traffic environment, reasonable diversion, reduce traffic accidents, effectively improve operational efficiency, the high urban road to achieving a higher utilization rate.
Recommend Product
Intelligent Surveillance System
Four-Faith F-SC241 IoT RTU IP Camera as main products for the intelligent surveillance system product line, specially designed for industrial-grade IoT application environment, the use of 4G / 5G network to provide users with wireless transmission distances low latency of HD video at the same time, also can call to the built-in high-performance industrial-grade MCU to access various types of sensor data collection & analysis, and in the edge side of the AI image recognition function, to achieve the interconnection of all things, protocol communication, unified management, fast response.

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