Date:2018-05-20 14:54:00

Glad to meet you in Xi'an Security Exhibition

The 2018 Xi'an security exhibition will be held on May 23-25 at the Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition will fully display the latest products and technologies of the security industry and the intelligent city construction industry, covering the public security system, security engineering, system integration, finance, electricity, transportation, telecommunications, security, campus, property and other fields.



Four-Faith is invited to participate in the exhibition. In addition to the exhibition of Four-Faith industrial wireless routers, IP MODEM (DTU), wireless video acquisition terminal and LoRa/NB-IoT/ZigBee series, the exhibition will display Four-Faith intelligent fire control solutions, and display the mature product application and technical service in the field of intelligent city construction and security. Welcome the customers to visit Four-Faith booth: B2 Pavilion D67 booth.

Four-Faith intelligent fire control solution adopts the innovative mode of Internet of things + large data, and uses the advanced technologies such as Internet of things, Internet, cloud computing, cloud storage, GPS/ Beidou satellite positioning, intelligent sensing technology, large data intelligence analysis and other advanced technologies to realize the social key units, major hazard sources, urban fire protection water sources and fire service duty. Combat vehicles, mini fire stations, fire video, fire fighting equipment and so on are centralized in the cloud platform for unified monitoring and management, and rely on large data processing technology to apply various kinds of fire monitoring information to the map system to form a "one map" practical command system for fire fighting, to achieve effective prevention and early warning before fire prevention and effective emergency treatment in the event. Analysis of effective disaster after the event. The large data cloud platform of intelligent fire protection meets the vertical data connection and crosswise realization of multiparty data sharing, ensuring the supervision of higher level units in place, the lower units and individual responsibilities are clear, thus improving the management ability and fighting capacity of the urban fire fighting forces, and will effectively reduce the risk of urban fire.

In the starting point of “The Belt and Road", Xi'an security exhibition has brought a new round of development upsurge for the smart city construction, the security industry, Four-Faith as the networking industry pioneer, networking technology solutions provider, years of deep plowing the field of wireless communication, has accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, has the most mature and comprehensive. The advantages of technology and product will contribute more in the industry fields.

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