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MWC24 | Four-Faith Joins with China Unicom to Launch the 5G RedCap Promotion Plan, Showcasing a Variety of Cutting-edge Innovative Products

On February 26, 2024, during the international communications industry event MWC24, Four-Faith, in collaboration with China Unicom, unveiled a new chapter in the 5G RedCap promotion plan. This initiative not only signifies the deepening cooperation between the two companies on the Internet of Things (IoT) field but also heralds the broader application of 5G technology across various industries, driving the efficient realization of terminal commercialization.

5G RedCap technology, as a lightweight version of 5G, is increasingly becoming a key technology driving the commercialization of 5G. It fills the gap in mid-range IoT, enabling 5G networks to adapt to all low, mid, and high-end IoT applications, laying a solid foundation for the unified and efficient management of the Internet of Things. Against the backdrop of rapid development in the IoT sector, 5G RedCap, with its low-cost, high-efficiency network connectivity solutions, provides strong support for various applications.

At this grand event, Four-Faith showcased a variety of innovative products based on 5G RedCap technology, including 5G industrial At this grand event, Four-Faith showcased a variety of innovative products based on 5G RedCap technology, including 5G industrial communication terminals, 5G commercial terminals, 5G smart gateways, and the Smart IoT monitoring series. These products, with their high performance, low power consumption, and ability to adapt to complex environments, provide stable and efficient data transmission guarantees for IoT applications, demonstrating Sixin's outstanding strength in the research and development of 5G RedCap technology.

It is worth mentioning that Four-Faith 's 5G industrial communication terminals perform exceptionally well in the field of industrial IoT. Their product line, which includes 5G industrial routers and 5G industrial CPE, is suitable for various industrial scenarios, providing stable and reliable network connections for applications such as industrial automation. Four-Faith 's 5G industrial CPE F-NR200, as a flagship product developed independently by Four-Faith, attracted widespread attention from attendees as soon as it was unveiled. The F-NR200 adopts a 32-bit communication processor and an industrial-grade wireless module, offering high performance and multiple interfaces, enabling connectivity to various devices and sensors for data exchange and communication. This facilitates the visualization and intelligence of the production process, empowering enterprises in their digitalization and intelligence transformation. Whether in industrial IoT, smart manufacturing, or automation and remote monitoring, the F-NR200 provides reliable network connections and data transmission solutions, driving the digitalization and intelligence transformation of enterprises.

At the same time, Four-Faith has also introduced a variety of 5G industrial routers suitable for different industrial requirements, such as F-NR100, F-NR120, F-NR130, F3X26Q, etc. These products can achieve data collection and real-time transmission even in harsh environments, significantly reducing costs and improving efficiency.

In terms of smart gateways, Four-Faith has also made significant progress. Smart gateways, as the core hub of the IoT, connect various sensors and devices to achieve data collection, processing, and transmission. The 5G industrial smart gateway F-G100, outdoor base station FBL800 series, and smart streetlight gateway F-G310 launched by Four-Faith are all based on high-performance industrial-grade processors and wireless modules, providing a rich selection of interfaces, and supporting multiple communication methods. These smart gateways meet the industry's demand for high speed, large connectivity, and low latency, driving the widespread development of IoT applications.

Furthermore, in the commercial terminal and smart IoT monitoring sectors, Four-Faith's products have also performed exceptionally well. The Four-Faith 5G ODU FNB600 has attracted widespread attention with its unique design and innovative technology. The product features a shell design combining plastic and metal, ensuring excellent heat dissipation performance and signal penetration capability. With numerous advantages such as "high-speed 5G network, support for global frequency bands, configuration of high-gain antennas, and meeting high waterproof and dustproof grades," the FNB600 provides efficient solutions for home and enterprise network access.

Another representative product, the 5G RedCap AIoT camera F-SC921, combines high performance with various intelligent algorithms. It inherits the native advantages of 5G, such as network slicing, low latency, and high uplink, significantly reducing the cost and power consumption of 5G terminals. It fully meets the high requirements of sectors such.

as transportation and security for 5G networks.

Four-Faith 's research and development as well as manufacturing of 5G RedCap terminal products have demonstrated outstanding levels of performance and quality. They have gained widespread recognition from major operators in the Chinese market. At the exhibition, Four-Faith engaged in in-depth discussions with industry professionals from around the world, sharing the latest achievements in 5G RedCap technology research and applications. While showcasing China's leading position in the field of 5G technology, Four-Faith also aims to further expand its service footprint. On international platforms like MWC, Four-Faith communicates strategic layouts with customers, listens extensively to their needs, and aims to grasp a global perspective to excel in the long-term development of more 5G terminal research, development, and manufacturing services.  

The collaboration between Four-Faith and China Unicom is a major highlight of this promotional plan. Both parties will work together to accelerate the large-scale promotion and application of 5G RedCap technology, injecting new vitality into the development of China's 5G industry. At this important moment of the first year of commercialization of 5G-A, Four-Faith is fully prepared to join hands with global communication industry customers in welcoming a more prosperous era of 5G-A.

Looking ahead, Four-Faith will continue to delve into the research and development of 5G RedCap technology and innovate in its applications, working hand in hand with partners such as China Unicom to drive rapid development in the IoT industry. In the global trend of digitization and intelligence, Four-Faith will adopt a more open mindset and provide users worldwide with faster and more reliable network connectivity experiences through superior products and services. Together, we will usher in a new era of intelligent interconnected industry applications.

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