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Four-Faith Shines at MWC 2024, Partnering with Allies Worldwide to Pioneer the 5G Ecosystem and Steer Towards a Smarter Future

On February 26th, the 2024 Mobile World Congress (MWC 2024), themed "Leading the Future," grandly opened in Barcelona. Leading companies in the global communications sector gathered to explore and collaborate on global technology trends and innovative technologies such as 5G-A, artificial intelligence, NTN, sustainable recycling, and collectively chart the blueprint for the mobile communications field.

Under the theme "Building the 5G Ecosystem, Empowering Intelligent Everything," Four-Faith dazzled at booth 1A22, showcasing its full range of star products including 5G industrial communication terminals, 5G commercial terminals, smart AIoT monitoring series, and data transmission terminals. Together with global operators, clients, industry partners, and thought leaders, Four-Faith explored how to promote collaborative innovation in "network-cloud-intelligence," drive the deepening development of digital transformation, thrive in the industry ecosystem, accelerate the commercial positive cycle of 5G, and embrace a more prosperous era of 5G-A.

The commercial landscape of 5G is rapidly evolving. By the end of 2023, there were over 300 commercial 5G networks worldwide, serving more than 1.6 billion users. The global growth rate of 5G users is seven times that of 4G during the same period. Additionally, 5G users, constituting 20% of the global mobile user base, contributed 30% of mobile traffic and 40% of mobile service revenue. As the next evolution of 5G, 5G-A aims to drive ubiquitous multi-gigabit and trillion connections, enabling FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) multi-gigabit access. Combined with the development of cloud and AI technologies, 5G-A will further unleash the potential of networks, meeting higher demands for network capabilities in personal, household, enterprise, and automotive scenarios, thus creating new growth opportunities.
As a leader in 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), Four-Faith showcased a variety of innovative products and solutions on-site, covering diverse terminal forms such as CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) and ODU (Outdoor Unit). This includes core products like the FNB310, the first external antenna 5G CPE, and 5G ODU. With features such as high aesthetics, high-speed 5G networks, support for global frequency bands, high-gain antenna configuration, and meeting high waterproof and dustproof grades, these products quickly gained attention, attracting numerous visitors from both domestic and international markets.

5G RedCap, as a lightweight 5G technology, is also a key technology driving the commercialization of 5G. The 5G industrial router series products under the Four-Faith have all supported the 5G RedCap function, providing the market with a one-stop, diversified, highly reliable, and high-performance RedCap solution, helping customers significantly reduce 5G terminal costs, quickly deploy key markets, and enter the 5G-A new era ahead of schedule.

It is worth mentioning that the on-site business team provided detailed explanations for queries about product technical parameters and engaged in in-depth discussions on integrated application scenarios and future cooperation directions. This allowed the audience to experience the charm of 5G technology more intuitively and the cutting-edge level of innovation in applications by Four-Faith. This open and collaborative communication approach not only demonstrates Four-Faith's international perspective but also earns Four-Faith more cooperation opportunities and development space.

By showcasing advanced technology and products, and adopting an open collaborative approach, Four-Faith has sent a clear signal to the world: in the wave of the 5G era, Four-Faith will join hands with global partners to innovate together, continuously meet the business demands of the emerging 5G-A applications and scenarios, advance 5G-A technology validation and network deployment, build an ultimate experience, efficient collaboration, green and low-carbon, and highly stable intelligent ubiquitous network, promote the deep development of digital intelligence transformation, lead the acceleration of the intelligent world's arrival, jointly build the 5G ecosystem with global partners, and lead the way to a smart future!

The exhibition period is not over yet. Welcome to visit Four-Faith booth 1A22 to unlock more exciting content.

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