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Guangzhou SIA to deconstruct the future of smart manufacturing

2018 the 16th China SIA in Guangzhou have been successfully holding in last 15 years, during the development of 15 years, it have now became one of the top automation and robotic exhibition in China. The exhibition fully cover smart equipment, robotics, automation equipment etc, directly and fully service for the industrial automation and industrial automation, from front to end for the whole industrial chain.
This time exhibition is aiming to strengthen the industry power, to conspire the development of the industry, to draw together the development blue print of smart equipment, to build the industrial communication platform via integrating the industrial smart equipment resource, to reinforce the industry communication, to enhance the industry development, to contribute to China economic development.
Four Faith, continuously pay attention to the IoT industry updated information, is invited to join the exhibition, we wish to talk to the industry giant face to face via this time SIA, to share experience together, learn together, progress together, and then to enhance the industry development. Welcome the old and new friends come to Four Faith booth No. 5 H08.
To be more close to this time SIA, Xiamen Four Faith use “To let industry smart” as theme, bring the high end industrial router, DTU, new generation smart IPC, wireless video adapter, LoRa, NB-IoT, Zigbee together to Guangzhou.
Lora Base
Product special:
•GPS position supportive
•embedded real time operating system
•WIFI wireless configuration management and on-line updated supportive
•support one LAN and WIFI simultaneously
•use industrial 32 bits communication CPU and industrial wireless module
•220V, POE, solar power supply, DC power supply supportive
•Network Server standard LoRawan protocol supportive, suitable to standard LoRawan terminal and Network Server
industry application
Four Faith Lora Base has been widely used in M2M industry chain, such as smart grid, smart traffic, industry automation, smart building, fire-fighting, public safety, environment protection, weather, digital medical, telemetry, military, space explore, agriculture, forestry, water, mining, oil and gas etc.
application solution: smart factory
Smart factory is to use M2M/IoT technology to achieve the information management and service to factory workers and equipment, to connect everything in the factory and achieve unit management, to achieve the data information connect together, to help the factory increase the production efficiency, lower down the production costing, optimize the equipment working condition and lower down the energy costing, to integrate the industry manufacturing with M2M application to build the smart manufacturing zone.
Four Faith smart factory solution plan is to use Lora gateway/base to fully cover the wireless signal to the factory based on Lora technology, in the mean time to install Four Faith Lroa module to each data collection in the factory, to achieve the dynamic data fully collection to the whole manufacturing process, and to real time collect and transfer the relative information based on the factory actual requests. It will do the systematic analyse and optimize to data after information is transferring to system management platform, and then accurately transfer to WEB service system or mobile phone APP system so manufacturing manager can simultaneously learn the needed information during the manufacturing process, to achieve the highly safety of information storage, the in-time and flexibility of information collection.
Four Faith smart factory solution plan is to use Four Faith Lora gateway/base to achieve the deep coverage inside the factory, and through the software platform to achieve several different equipment remote connecting like meters, equipment, people etc, to achieve Lora terminal sensor fully monitoring to the factory manufacturing and environment, to achieve process standard, monitoring visualization, process intelligent, system highly integrated, information highly sharing, logistic and information running together, to enhance the manufacturing upgrade for the traditional manufacture.
The same time, same place, to find out the innovative technology and solution plan for smart manufacturing area in SIA exhibition gathering with automation, robotics, assembly, transferring and smart manufacturing leaders.
Face to face communication with advanced technology engineers from German, USA, Japan, Korea etc in China. 
Golden September, Four Faith is looking forward to seeing you in Guangzhou!

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