Date:2021-12-30 15:35:45

Core Strength is Recognized by the Industry Again! Four-Faith was Awarded Huawei GTS Joint Innovation Partner Award

On November 11, the 2021 Huawei Technology Service Partner Conference and GDE Global Developer Contest was successfully held in Songshan Lake, Dongguan. As a leading enterprise on the Internet of Things and a long-term strategic partner of Huawei, Four-Faith was invited to attend the conference and awarded the "GTS Joint Innovation Partner Award".
Huawei GTS
"Digital intelligent innovation, cooperate for future" as the theme of the conference, to Huawei partners open platform-oriented technology, automation and other abilities around the operator's software, 5G to B, process automation, SaaS services field, introduces the evolution of the platform and technologies, and share the best practice & business result of partners, promote the cooperative innovation & asset sharing, help industry customers develop digital & intelligent solutions, and create new value for customers.
Scale up 5G Strategy
In the 5G era, all terminal manufacturers have equal opportunities. Taking the first-mover advantage is the origin of obtaining the cooperation foundation of industry users, while the advantage comes from the continuous in-depth exploration of various manufacturers. As a technology-oriented enterprise committed to making everything smarter on the Internet of Things, Four-Faith has realized the complete layout of future strategic planning at the beginning of the first year of 5G commercial, taking advantage of the wisdom of digitalization.
At present, Four-Faith has a more diverse and widely applied 5G industrial communication terminal industry chain than other manufacturers of the same type, involving industry, power, transportation, medical, port, security, coal mining, and other fields. To meet the needs of digital transformation for the thousands of enterprises.
In the process of digital transformation, Four-Faith has worked with the three major communication operators in China, Huawei, and many industrial partners to achieve the implementation of many 5G+ vertical application scenarios of the project, using Four-Faith 5G industrial router, 5G industrial CPE, and 5G smart streetlight pole gateway to become the "Accelerator" of pilot projects in hundreds of cities across the country.
Four-Faith and Huawei are Conspiring to Build a Digital Future
As an ecological partner of Huawei, Four-Faith has carried out all-around and in-depth strategic cooperation with Huawei in cutting-edge fields such as cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence. Several Four-Faith’s 5G products have successively passed Huawei Compatibility technology certification, Huawei Kunpeng technology certification, dual-compatibility certification of "Huawei Cloud Kunpeng Cloud Service" and "Huawei Cloud Stack 8.0 (Kunpeng)".
This year, with outstanding 5G innovation technology and mature 5G commercial cases, Four-Faith stood out from many manufacturers and won the title of "Huawei 2021 5G to B Best Practice Partner".
This conference was awarded the "GTS Joint Innovation Partner Award" by Huawei again, which further confirms that the comprehensive strength of Four-Faith software and hardware is widely recognized by Huawei. In the future, Four-Faith will continue to maintain close contact with Huawei, adhere to the commitment of Huawei GTS "Open capacity, guard the border", continue to invest in intelligent product research & development, empower the digital upgrading of the industry, and work together to create commercial success.

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