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[Good News] Four-Faith Won the "China (International) Internet of Things Industry Award-Outstanding Product Award"

On July 8, 2018, the Chinese annual festival and the fourth (International) Internet of things Expo ended successfully in Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center. Xiamen Four-Faith Communications stands out among many peers. Successfully won the "2018 China (International) Internet of things Industry Award-excellent products Award."

As the representative of modern new economy, new industry and new technology, the Internet of things leads the new trend of economic development, and the new form of "government-led experts share the experience of mature projects" is undoubtedly a bright spot.
Four-Faith communications closely follow the tide of the times, butt the global 50+ customers, close the upstream and downstream enterprises, through a perfect marketing system, constantly improve their service level, strive to innovate the development model, realize the maximum value.
In the fierce competition of the China Internet of things Industry Awards, the Four-Faith LoRa base station won the recognition of the professional judges and the Organizing Committee and won the excellent Product Award, which is not only the largest recognition of the Four-Faith LoRa base station, It is also a recognition of the value and contribution of Four-Faith in the Internet of things industry.
The F8L10GW base station is a wireless communication gateway / base station based on LoRaWAN protocol, which is connected to the LoRaWAN terminal of all kinds of application nodes. The collected information is transmitted to the cloud server via 3G/4G or wired Ethernet.
The high performance 32-bit communication processor and industrial wireless module are used in this product. The embedded real-time operating system is used as the software supporting platform. At the same time, one Ethernet LAN and one WIFI interface are provided. It supports WIFI wireless configuration management and online upgrade, supports GPS positioning, supports 220V power supply, solar power, DC power supply and so on. It has been widely used in smart grid, intelligent transportation, industrial automation, intelligent building and other fields.
Application scene: intelligent Building
Intelligent building is to realize the intelligent management of building, make full use of wireless Internet of things technology, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other new generation of high-tech technology, for building to provide an intelligent, accurate, convenient management system.
Through the intelligent building system, the information collected by smoke detector, humidity detector, photoelectric smoke detector, temperature detector, gas detector and so on can be transmitted to the WEP service system or the mobile phone APP system in a timely, fast and accurate manner. To realize the comprehensive intelligent management of buildings.
The information of temperature, humidity, gas and so on is collected periodically by LoRa terminal in building. The IO port data of LoRa terminal in the whole network are cached through LoRa gateway / base station, and sorted and summarized according to certain rules. The aggregated IO data is sent to the server via the network cable or 3 / 4G network. The server parses and manages the received data.
Through the LoRa gateway / base station periodically issued instructions. Gathering information and forming intelligent fire control system through WEP service system can notify alarm and remote start automatic fire protection facilities in the initial stage of fire hazard and eliminate hidden danger greatly reducing the loss caused by fire disaster.

Over the years, Four-Faith has further promoted the development and growth of the enterprise. With its unique casting quality, high trust brand reputation and good faith management philosophy, Four-Faith Communications has won famous trademarks in Fujian Province and Xiamen City. Fujian Province, the first batch of small giant leading enterprises, Fujian Province brand building excellent units and many other awards; Four-Faith has invention patents, utility model patents more than 30.
In the future, Four-Faith will also stick to the original heart, in the way of scientific and technological innovation and product research and development, continue to focus on efforts to provide more suppliers with intelligent solutions to bring a more convenient life.

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