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5 · 17 World Telecommunication Day | Together With Four-Faith to Create a New Intelligent Life

On May 17th, is the world telecommunication day and information society day, the theme of "for the elderly and to achieve healthy ageing digital technology" reflects the era of digital economy, information and communication industry, help the elderly across the "digital divide" responsibility and bear, visible to further enhance the digital inclusiveness, construction of domestic digital environment friendly to the elderly,  It is an important way to realize intelligent endowment and future health.

Smart Medical Solution

Digitalization + Population Aging: an important issue in the 21st century
The aging of the global population is the defining demographic trend of the 21st century, and societies are struggling to find the opportunities that this trend may bring,' the ITU said. They also called on member states to continue to use digital technologies to develop digital policies and strategies to enable people to reach a healthy, active, and productive age.
According to data from the United Nations Population Division, the global population aged 60 and above was 1.05 billion in 2020, accounting for 13.5 percent of the global population, an increase of 3.6 percentage points compared with 20 years ago. The aggravation of the aging of the global population and the increasing strain of medical resources in the context of COVID-19 push society to pay more and more attention to the smart health industry.
Create an Intelligent Life, Four-Faith Helps Smart Medical Acceleration
In the 5G era, Four-Faith depends on the Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, and other cutting-edge technology, as the Internet of things big data platform, network equipment, and perception as the core, to provide for the aged, wisdom, such as health care, many health care scenarios to provide reliable, safe, efficient and smart Internet communications products and technical support, assist urban/rural endowment industry realizing the intelligent operation,  Bridging the "divide" between the elderly and the digital age.
Four-Faith 5G+ Smart Medical Solution
With Four-Faith 5G+ smart medical solutions can be applied to 5G remote consultation, 5G remote emergency rescue operation guidance, 5G, 5G campus management wisdom medical scenario, social problems such as "difficult" to provide more intelligent solutions, especially for the remote and backward area of the elderly to provide more convenient medical service.
The solution utilizes the advantages of low latency and high bandwidth of 5G technology to realize remote diagnosis and treatment through Four-Faith 5G router and 5G camera monitoring equipment so that experts can clearly understand the patient's health status even if they are not on site. Through the efficient planning of slice capacity of the 5G network, the construction of a 5G green pre-hospital emergency channel can realize the optimal design of emergency diagnosis and treatment process and real-time nondestructive transmission of patients' physiological data, paving the way for ambulance of the hospital to save lives against time. Using 5G mass connection characteristics, constructing hospital medical Internet of things, the hospital mass medical and non-medical assets organic connection, can achieve the hospital asset management, hospital emergency scheduling, staff management, equipment state management, access control security, navigation services such as real-time monitoring, hospital patients with signs, promote the efficiency of management of the hospital and patient treatment experience.
Seize the Opportunity to Create a New Intelligent Life
The aging of the global population is the most important social trend at present, how to use modern information and communication technology to realize the digital transformation of the elderly care industry is the new mission of information and communication enterprises.
As an Internet of things technology expert, Four-Faith will continue to focus on innovative technologies and innovative applications, constantly insight into the development trend of the industry, grasp the opportunity for digital transformation of the pension industry, and work with industry partners to create a smarter new life for the elderly.

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