Sewage Monitoring System

Date:2014-04-22 14:59:00

Sewage Monitoring System

Sewage monitoring system consists of data collection terminal, wireless transmission device and data managing center. The data collection terminal will collect the data of water speed, flux, PH value, COD, ammonia nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, phosphorus etc...

Why clients choose Four-Faith?

1. Acquisition and transmission integrated design,higher cost performance

F2X64 integrates traditional RTU and 2.5G/3G data transmission unit,and provides many functions including acquisition,counting,control,storage,alarm and transmission.Also,F2X64 realizes the transparent data transmission function of 2.5G/3G IP MODEM. So F2X64 has higher cost performance.

2. Acquisition and transmission integrated design,higher stability and reliability

If project adopts discrete RTU and DTU,incompatibility of interface and protocol exists.So it is not convenient for installation,debug,management and maintenance.F2X64 adapts acquisition and transmission integrated design,so it has higher stability and reliability.

3. Standard and Convenience

F2X64 supports standard MODBUS RTU protocol,and can directly connect to various configuration software.Customers do not need to develop application software specially,so the project progress is accelerated greatly.

4. Rich interface

F2X64 provides rich interfaces including 8 AI(voltage and current signal),8 DI(optical isolation),4 DO(optical isolation),and 4 relay output.F2X64 has RS232/485 communication port,and RS422/CAN/ZigBee ports are optional.

Successful cases


Kunming Sewage Monitoring Project             Shenyang Sewage Monitoring Project


Fuzhou Sewage Monitoring Project           Wuhan Sewage Monitoring Project

Customer's feedback

The 4G modem needs firmware updated during our sewage monitoring project. Four-Faith engineer comes to help us also for secondary development. He provides us with perfect technical support. We are satisfied with him.

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