Energy Consumption Monitoring

Date:2014-04-22 14:50:00

Energy Consumption Monitoring

Energy monitoring is to monitor the energy data such as water, electricity, gas and heat and then auto report to the related department. It is convenient for the related department to manage and control

All kinds of smart meters such as single-phase meter, three-phase meter, multi-function meter, water meter, gas meter, heat meter are installed in the state organ office buildings and large public buildings. Four-Faith wireless transmission terminal F2114 will connect with the intelligent meter and establish the connection, realize the double way transmission between the meter and data center.

Why clients choose Four-Faith?

1. Always online

Support online detect and auto recovery to ensure that  the device are always online.

2. Support multiple data centers

Support 5 data centers at the same time

3. Remote monitoring

Can realize remote monitoring by wireless device, greatly reduce the maintenance cost.

4. Save the flow cost

Supply multiple trigger mode including SMS, ring and data.

5. EMC Electromagnetism compatibility

          Four-Faith F2x14 adapt high grade EMC electromagnetism design, and can avoid the interference of EMC, meet the related standard o fand.

Successful cases

Shenzhen Water Supply Monitoring               Xiamen Gas Monitoring                Ha’erbin Heat Supply Monitoring              Qingdao Pow Supply Monitoring Project

Customer's feedback

        Ha’erbin: In traditional energy consumption, we are afraid of the factory building  which has huge engineering, high cost and is destructive. Now the energy system adapts the ideal option Four-Faith F2114,which is low-cost, and short lead time.

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