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The Working Principle and Application of 4G Industrial Router

The 4g industrial router has basically improved the function of 4g dialing in general wireless routing, and can complete the role of wireless network connection to the network. The 4g dialing function is divided into two types: embedded and external. The dual SIM card redundancy technology is selected to ensure smooth and reliable data transmission. It is compatible with most PLC protocols, which greatly simplifies on-site monitoring and construction costs and reduces operation and maintenance management costs. This article introduces the working principle and application of the 4g industrial router.




4G Industrial Router
1. The working principle of 4g industrial router
The 4g industrial-grade router works on the third layer of the OSI seven-layer protocol. Its main task is to receive data packets from a network interface, and according to the destination address contained therein, decide to forward to the next destination address. Therefore, the 4g industrial router must first look up its destination address in the forwarding routing table. If the destination address is found, it will add the next MAC address before the frame of the data packet. At the same time, the TTL (Time To Live) field of the IP data packet header is also Start subtracting and recalculate the checksum. When the data packet is sent to the output port, it needs to wait in order in order to be transmitted to the output link.
The 4g industrial-grade router can look up the routing table in the device according to a certain routing communication protocol when it is working. If there is more than one path to a particular node, the basic predetermined routing criterion is to select a reliable transmission path. Since various network segments and their interconnection conditions may change due to environmental changes, the routing information is generally updated regularly according to the provisions of the routing information protocol used.
2. Application of 4g industrial router
(1) Self-service terminal networking scheme
The 4g industrial router networking solution can easily complete the wireless networking and remote management methods of the self-service terminal. The business organization can arrange the self-service terminal equipment such as self-service terminal equipment, such as self-service terminal equipment, ticket vending machines, payment terminal equipment, etc., to be covered by the wifi network All areas, such as large shopping malls, commercial streets and communities, have greatly increased the volume of business processes achieved.
(2) Smart energy remote video monitoring system
The remote video monitoring system has just begun to be widely used in power line video monitoring systems. The system implements remote real-time monitoring monitors for power lines, power line towers, and power transmission and distribution equipment. The collected real-time monitoring image information content can be According to the 4g industrial router connection and transmission to the management office. The real-time monitoring system for power line conditions improves the lean production level of enterprise production management.
3. Public bicycle management methods for transportation
The public bicycle rental system consists of three parts: the management office, the online customer service website and the bicycle rental website. The 4g industrial router is used in the communication management system of the management office. According to the operator network, it completes the sharing of data information between the rental management method box system and the background management, the transmission data transfer station of the intelligent parking system column system and the settlement system, and others Use the data transmission function of the system.
In short, the 4g industrial router is a network device that connects multiple networks or network segments. It can "translate" the data information between different networks or network segments so that they can "read" each other's information. Data to form a larger network.     

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