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How to Choose a 4G Industrial Router with Multiple Network Ports

The 4g industrial router is high in performance. These relatively prominent features, such as fast transmission speed and strong data processing capabilities, are widely used in major industries such as electric power, transportation, finance, and industrial control, and are highly praised and favored by people. So, what features of 4g industrial routers are favored by consumers?

4G Industrial Router
1. The characteristics of 4g industrial routers
(1) High stability and good weather resistance. The 4g industrial router uses high-quality and durable wireless modules and high-precision components, and its anti-interference performance also has a very significant performance, so the 4g industrial router does not matter Whether it is in severe cold or high temperature, it has extremely high stability and good weather resistance to ensure its efficient operation efficiency.
(2) Strong compatibility and fast transmission speed. The reliable 4g ​​industrial router has the characteristics of strong compatibility. It can support more and more different equipment standards, so as to make the installation and use more convenient for users. Secondly, because The new 4g industrial router has greatly improved and improved the CPU processing speed, so its WIFI transmission speed will also be greatly improved, so as to meet the needs of users for wireless transmission of big data and obtain clear and smooth Transmission effect.
(3) The coverage is wide and the price is affordable. The popular 4g industrial router has the characteristics of wide coverage, so it uses a professional and high-quality main frequency processor, so the product can have more powerful data processing capabilities In addition, since the production cost and material cost of the router will be relatively low, it can also provide more affordable product prices to consumers in need.
In summary, the reason why 4g industrial routers can be favored by consumers is not only that it has better compatibility, faster transmission speed and higher stability, but the key is that it has a wide range of coverage. , The unique advantages of affordable price and strong weather resistance can meet the needs of users for wireless transmission of big data, while also obtaining clearer and smoother video effects.
2. how to choose 4g industrial routers
(1) Price: Due to cost considerations, price is an important factor considered by many users. The price is too high, exceeding the cost budget, and users cannot accept it. Is the lower the price, the better? Not at all. The unusually low price means that the product may not use industrial-grade modules, which may affect stability. It cannot be because the initial purchase cost is low, and the subsequent maintenance cost is high, and the gain is not worth the loss. Therefore, a reasonably priced 4G industrial router is very important.
(2) Stability: The stability of the device is very important, which is related to the stability of the entire network data. The device needs to support software restart and hardware watchdog to ensure long-term operation without any problems when unattended.
(3) Scalability: Some 4G industrial routers have only 2 network ports, and some do not support serial ports, so when purchasing, consider the compatibility of subsequent projects. For example, in PLC monitoring, in addition to the PLC's own interface, touch screens and video monitoring may also be used.
(4) Technical support: 4G industrial routers are not like ordinary routers. Many network technologies such as VPN and port mapping are used. If you are not familiar with the network, you may encounter problems like this during use. Therefore, a company that can provide technical support in a timely manner and respond quickly to customers is very important.
(5) Product chip: The 4g industrial router supports the use environment of -20° to 75°, so the project implementation environment needs to be considered.
(6) 4G frequency band: 4G full Netcom industrial routers support Telecom China Mobile Unicom 4G/3G/2G, eliminating the trouble of changing cards.

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