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Characteristics of Industrial Wireless Ethernet

Industrial wireless Ethernet is a strong area and cell network based on IEEE 802.3(Ethernet), using industrial Ethernet to provide a seamless integration into the new multimedia approach. So, what are the characteristics of specific industrial wireless Ethernet? This article will give you a simple introduction. 

Industrial Wireless Ethernet
1. Industrial Wireless Ethernet has Real-time and Deterministic
Firstly, the communication rate of Ethernet has increased from 10M and 100M to 1000M and 10G. Under the same data throughput scenario, the improvement of communication rate means the reduction of network load and the reduction of network transmission delay, that is, the probability of network collision is greatly reduced. Secondly, the star network topology is used instead of bus structure, and the switch divides the network into several network segments. The Ethernet switch can store and forward data, buffering the input and output data frames between ports. At the same time, the switch can also filter the data transmitted on the network, so that the data transmitted by nodes in each network segment can only be transmitted in the local network segment, thus reducing the network load of all network segments and the backbone network. 
2. Industrial Wireless Ethernet has Stability and Reliability
Another major problem with the introduction of Ethernet into the field of process control is that the connectors, hubs, switches, and cables it uses are all designed for the commercial field. Commercial network products cannot be used in harsh industrial field environments with high-reliability requirements.  Therefore, industrial Ethernet needs to be designed for harsh industrial environments (such as redundant DC power input, high temperature, low temperature, dust resistance, etc.)
The characteristics of industrial wireless Ethernet are very obvious, the introduction of Ethernet will provide possibilities for the subsequent development of the control system, and users do not need separate research investment in skills promotion, which is incomparable to any existing Fieldbus skills.
Recommend Product
Industrial Ethernet Switch F-SW1032
Industrial Ethernet Switch F-SW1032 is an unmanaged industrial ethernet switch. The product has 24 x 10/100M ethernet LAN port, 4 x 10/100/1000M Base-T ethernet port and 4 x 1000M BaseSFP slot. F-SW1032 can be used for connecting multiple servers, hubs, repeaters and devices provides long distance data and power (PoE version) transmission.
Industrial Ethernet Switch F-SW1010
Industrial Ethernet Switch F-SW1010 has 8 x 10/100M ethernet LAN port, 1 x 10/100/1000M Base-T ethernet port and 1 x 1000M BaseSFP slot. F-SW1010 can be used for connecting multiple servers, hubs, repeaters and devices provides long distance data and power (PoE version) transmission. F-SW1010 has been widely used in the M2M industry of the IoT industrial chain such as smart grid, intelligent transportation, finance, and etc.

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