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Composition and Communication Modes of the Serial Port Server

The serial port server converts data into network port data transmission through the serial port. Generally, it has built-in TCP/UDP/HTTP and other protocols can convert RS232/485/422 serial port into TCP/IP network interface. Achieve RS232/485/422 serial port and TCP/IP protocol network interface bidirectional transparent data transmission or support MODBUS protocol bidirectional transmission. 

This enables the serial port device to immediately have the TCP/IP network interface function, greatly increasing the communication distance of the serial port device compared with the original serial cable connection.
Communication Mode
Hardware Components of the Serial Server
1. Ethernet Chip: 
It is a communication chip designed to realize the Internet access technology industrial computers.
2. Modbus Protocol: 
A common network communication protocol, which is used for external communication of intelligent gateway instruments and protection equipment in electric power and automatic control industry.
3. Modbus Communication Chip: 
A communication chip that implements Modbus communication protocol.
4. RJ45 Port: 
Hardware interface for Ethernet communication protocol.
5. Serial RS485 Port: 
A hardware port that implements Modbus.
6. CPU Chip: 
The central processing unit (CPU). Each intelligent device has a CENTRAL processing unit (CPU), just like the human brain, which controls various motor organs.
7. Hardware Watchdog: 
Automatically restarts the device when it is shut down. Ensure the equipment can work stably.
Serial Port Server
Communication Mode of the Serial Server
TCP/UDP Communication Mode: 
In this mode, serial port servers work in pairs, with one serving as the server and the other as the client. The two servers are connected through IP addresses and port numbers to achieve bidirectional and transparent data transmission. This mode applies to changing the bus connection between two serial port devices to a TCP/IP network connection.
Virtual Serial Port Communication Mode: 
In this mode, one or more converters are connected to a computer to support bidirectional and transparent data transmission. By the virtual serial port software on the computer to manage the following converters can achieve a virtual serial port for multiple converters, N virtual serial ports for M converters (N<=M). This mode applies to the serial port device connected to the 485 bus or 232 devices controlled by the computer.

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