Application of Industrial 5G Router on the Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial 5G Router Industrial Internet of Things

As the core communication equipment in the scene, the industrial 5G router connects the field sensing equipment for data collection to achieve the remote online control and management through the wireless network conne...
Introduction of the Industrial Router in 5G Intelligent Port Networking Solution

Intelligent Port Communication System 5G Technology

"Intelligent Port" has strict requirements on communication connection with low delay, large bandwidth, and high reliability. The communication system of large special operation equipment of automated port should meet eff...
What is an Ethernet Switch, the Introduction of Ethernet Switch Basic Function

Ethernet Switch Industrial Ethernet Switches Transmission Medium

With the popularity of 100-megabit, 1 gigabit and 1000 gigabit LANs, industrial Ethernet switches are increasingly used to support high bandwidth applications in deployment backbone networks, data centers, and server rooms. Ethernet switch is a network device that implements data transmission and switching based on Ethernet. So, what are its main functions?
The Effect of 5G Multifunctional Smart Street Light Pole Solution

Smart Street Light Pole Smart Light Pole

The construction of a smart city is an important way to promote the modern city to be convenient, intelligent, and sustainable. The establishment and spread of a communication base station are an important link. The...
The Role of 5G Industrial Router in Intelligent Industry

Intelligent Industry Internet of Things 5G Industrial Router

The 4G changes life and the 5G changes society. Under the background that 5G is widely valued and anticipated by the public, Four-Faith as a pioneer on the Internet of Things industry, with the responsibility of in...
The LoRaWAN Gateway Specification Complies with Which LoRaWAN Protocol Standard

LoRaWAN Protocol LoRaWAN Gateway Protocol

Four-Faith LoRaWAN gateway is a gateway based on the Low-power WAN LoRaWAN protocol. It can realize the transmitting & receiving of multi-frequency points and multi-channels, and its super RF processing performance enab...
LoRaWAN Network Architecture and Solutions

LoRaWAN Network LoRaWAN Network Architecture

A typical LoRaWAN network architecture consists of a terminal, base station, NS (network server), and application server. There is a star network topology between the base station and terminal. Because of LoRa's long-distance nature, single-hop transmission is used between them. 
Why is 4G DTU Data Transparent Transmission Module Selected Transparent Transmission

Transparent Transmission DTU Data Transmission Module

Transparent transmission refers to a data transmission mode that has independent with the transmission network medium, modulation & demodulation mode, transmission mode, and transmission protocol.
The Differences Between Industrial Intelligent Gateway and Industrial Router

Industrial Intelligent Gateway Industrial Router Industrial Gateway

The relationship between industrial intelligent gateway and industrial router is described as follows: Industrial intelligent gateway is the basis of network connection, and the industrial router is the bridge of network...
The Advantages of MQTT Router

MQTT Router MQTT protocol 4G industrial router

Four-Faith MQTT 4G industrial router is based on an MQTT protocol, also known as MQTT router, support 4G full Netcom, WIFI, Ethernet, switch, router DTU, RS232, RS485. Support remote control terminal equipment, such a...