Will CAT.1 Replace NB-IoT


In 2020, Cat.1 seems to be popular, due to its cost advantages and the switch from 2G/3G to 4G. Does that mean that the NB-IoT will be replaced by CAT.1? When 3GPP developed the LTE standard, it used CAT. X to...
Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) Industrial Router Introduction

Message Queuing Telemetry Transport Industrial Router

Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) industrial router not only supports 5G/4G/3G but also is downward compatible with EDGE, CDMA 1X, and GPRS networks. It also supports MQTT and multiple protocols (IPSEC, PPTP, ...
Application of 5G Intelligent Gateway in Smart Community

Smart Community Intelligent Gateway

Four-Faith smart community solution is based on Four-Faith's extensive and perfect product line, integrating 5G industrial intelligent gateway, intelligent IoT surveillance system, LoRa products and intelligent industrial computer, providing one-stop hardware equipment supply for customers and project integrators.
Wired WAN will be replaced by the Industrial 4G LTE Router

Industrial 4G LTE Router 4G LTE networks

Why the industrial 4G LTE routers can replace wired WAN which is the latest wireless technology that has been deployed all around the world. The 5G network release will pick up the pace and the trend in performanc...
Which Industrial Cellular Router Should I Use for my IoT Project

Industrial Cellular Router IoT Project

Deciding on which industrial cellular router to power your IoT project with can be a difficult choice. After all, there are many variables that need to be considered including budget, data rate, environment, coverage...
Composition and Communication Modes of the Serial Port Server

Communication Mode Serial Port Server

The serial port server converts data into network port data transmission through the serial port. Generally, it has built-in TCP/UDP/HTTP and other protocols can convert RS232/485/422 serial port into TCP/IP network int...
What are Types of 5G DTU and Application Fields


5G DTU is a wireless terminal device that converts serial port data to IP data or converts IP data to serial port data for transmission over a wireless communication network. 4G DTU is widely used in meteorology, ...
Performance Characteristics of 4G DTU Data Transmission Terminals

4G DTU Data Transmission

The 4G DTU data transmission terminal converts serial port data and IP data and transmits them through the wireless communication network. It has the advantages of rapid networking, flexible capacity expansion, short construction period, and low cost. It uses 4G/3G/ 2.5G/NB-IoT /Cat 1 network as the bearer network.
Application of Industrial 5G Router on the Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial 5G Router Industrial Internet of Things

As the core communication equipment in the scene, the industrial 5G router connects the field sensing equipment for data collection to achieve the remote online control and management through the wireless network conne...
Introduction of the Industrial Router in 5G Intelligent Port Networking Solution

Intelligent Port Communication System 5G Technology

"Intelligent Port" has strict requirements on communication connection with low delay, large bandwidth, and high reliability. The communication system of large special operation equipment of automated port should meet eff...