Four-Faith Intelligent Breeding Farm Monitoring Solution

Date:2021-09-14 11:18:55

In the national economic system, breeding industry is one of the main components of agriculture. With the development of society, the traditional model of breeding industry is gradually replaced by the modern intelligent breeding industry of "high technology, low labor, and high productivity" due to low benefits, high risk, and high pollution.
Four-Faith intelligent breeding farm monitoring solution using the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, and other related technology, according to the intelligent farm construction demand, will revolve around safeguarding the health of livestock growth and speed up the production efficiency as the main principle. Install the environment monitoring system in the farming field to support the video monitoring system and intelligent control system. To achieve intelligent breeding, information management, data management, and online service to create a zero-pollution green breeding production mode.
Intelligent Breeding Farm
Pain Point
1. Backward Control Mode
It is difficult to control the equipment, time-consuming & inaccurate of manual detection, backward equipment inspection mode, and the probability of disoperation is high.
2. Backward Management Methods
Lack of environmental monitoring, data analysis, equipment management, intelligent control, and other data management methods, unable to find the on-site fault for the first time and timely maintenance.
3. High Operation and Maintenance Costs
The labor intensity is high, the statistics are time-consuming & laborious, the pre-failure warning mechanism cannot be achieved, and the fault handling efficiency is low.
4. High Security Risk
The professional skills of breeding personnel are not up to standard, the error of environmental data control based on experience is high, and the control effect is not satisfactory.
intelligent IoT surveillance system
Solution Introduction
The IP camera of Four-Faith intelligent IoT surveillance system can be customized with various IoT interfaces, connect with the temperature and humidity sensor, CO2 sensor, feeding, fan, door bar switch controller, water valve and other equipment in the breeding farm. To achieve the management personnel monitor remotely to multiple batch breeding farm. In addition, it can also achieve remote feeding, remote temperature control, remote cleaning & disinfection, and other features. Built-in image analysis technology provides functions such as movement detection, intrusion detection, real-time push alarm information to remind managers to check the scene. At the same time, it also has the ability of big data analysis and development. Management personnel can compare and analyze the data collected by the sensor at any time. When the strategic measures deviate from the right track, it can quickly adjust the feeding side, timely stop the loss then improve the production & output value of the farm to become a professional "Feeding expert".
Intelligent Breeding Farm
System Integration
The ecological data and field image monitoring system of intelligent breeding farm is mainly composed of four parts: front-end equipment, acquisition equipment, communication equipment, and management cloud platform.
1. Front-end Equipment
The front-end equipment is mainly composed of environmental monitoring sensors in the breeding farm, wireless monitoring equipment put on the poultry body, as well as the door bar, trough, drinking water valve, and cleaning equipment that need intelligent remote linkage control.
2. Acquisition Equipment
It consists of a Four-Faith IP camera and an NVR. Using PoE network cable to provide power supply and data transmission. The IP camera and NVR are connected to the front-end device through various customized IoT interfaces.
3. Communication Equipment
It consists of Four-Faith IP camera and 4G and 5G wireless communication modules embedded in NVR.
4. Management Cloud Platform
It is mainly composed of the connection between the IoT video monitoring platform and the front-end intelligent management platform developed by the customers. It analyzes and processes the data and images transmitted far from the communication equipment to achieve effectively monitor and control the work activities of the breeding farm site.
Product Advantages
1. Only a single device can achieve the joint acquisition of images and data at the monitoring point. Using the customized IoT interface to collect sensor data and simultaneously control other devices to save equipment investment costs.
2. Supports power supply over Ethernet (PoE). Customer only need one network cable to provide power supply and data transmission at the same time, simplifying installation and maintenance.
3. The product protection grade reaches IP65 or above, suitable for high temperature, high heat and humidity, and another harsh industrial environment, stability & durability are much higher than other commercial products.
4. Industrial design to achieve reliable, secure, and stable data transmission links for unattended sites.
Solution Value
1. Improve the Modern Animal Husbandry Supervision & Informatization Level
Using the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, and other technologies establish environmental monitoring, intelligent control, and safety traceability systems for breeding farms. To further improve the informatization level of animal husbandry.
2. Reduce Management Cost, Improve Management Efficiency
After using the intelligent monitoring equipment and intelligent control equipment, the workload of 3-5 people can be easily completed by only one person, which greatly reduces the workload of breeding farm managers and thus reduces management costs.
3. Big Data Analysis, Effectively Improve the Economic Benefits of Enterprises
Customers can make comparative analyses according to the data collected by the management platform, adjust feeding strategy in time. Improve quality, productivity, and improve economic benefits.
4. Establish Animal Husbandry Traceability Mechanism, Ensure Consumer Health
Visual traceability system for chickens, pigs, cattle, and other livestock to establish a set of effective traceability mechanisms, improve consumer food safety.
5. Create Local Agricultural Products Brand, Make Brand Differentiation
Through information-based production method and visual traceability mechanism, the create brand of green and healthy agricultural products to effectively enhance the brand effect of enterprises. In addition, it is different from traditional animal husbandry enterprises to create product differentiation.

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