Elevator Safety Wireless Monitoring Solution Based on Four-Faith DTU

Date:2021-08-31 15:19:46

With the increasing of high-rise buildings and the improvement of the grade of architectural design, people's requirements for elevators are getting higher and higher. At present, the elevator is not only limited to the requirements of a fast ride, comfortable, but strong manufacturing, elegant decoration, people are also putting forward higher and higher requirements for the safety and reliability of the elevator, so the elevator is developing in the direction of intelligent control.
At present, the elevator retention and usage are very large, due to the elevator serious accidents such as closing people, clamping people, squatting bottom, and hitting occur frequently, caused serious influence on society. According to those situations, it is an urgent need to understanding the existing elevator running status in real-time and tracking. To the greatest extent possible to reduce the occurrence of similar accidents.
Elevator Safety
Pain Point
Many elevators are distributed randomly, which makes management difficult and low efficiency, making routine inspection and maintenance difficult to implement
Traditional lift cabling upgrades and maintenance regularly become part of the lift's routine, increasing maintenance costs
Traditional elevator operation without normal cycle maintenance, it takes a long time to deal with problems, which seriously affects residents' daily life
When the elevator breaks down, the surveillance video inside the traditional elevator cannot be transmitted back to the security center through the cable, thus obtaining timely information and hindering the elevator emergency repair and rescue work
Solution Introduction
Four-Faith elevator wireless monitoring system is mainly composed of elevator control equipment, sensors installed on the top of the elevator car, including flat layer, direction sensor, door switch sensor, infrared human body sensor, base station sensor, upper limit sensor, lower limit sensor, data acquisition instrument, Four-Faith DTU, service center software.
The data acquisition instrument collects & summarizes the data of all kinds of sensors on the elevator site and sends the data transparently back to the server of the dispatching center for analysis and processing through Four-Faith DTU to display the current operating status of the elevator. The dispatching center can detect the on-site elevator information in real-time.
Solution Advantages
Change the existing supervision and management mode (maintenance supervision, information acquisition mode), improve the elevator safety information management level.
Help property managers to achieve 24 hours of elevator internal monitoring, operation status, failure alarm, and other information real-time upload to the management monitoring center.
To achieve real-time information sharing among elevator, property management, and elevator manufacturer. Troubleshoot equipment faults as soon as possible to avoid risks.
Centralized management of all kinds of elevators with decentralized layout can be realized to grasp the running status of elevators in real-time. Reduce the cost of personnel patrol, improve the service quality and benefit of property management.

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