Four-Faith Intelligent Monitoring Solution of Greenhouse

Date:2021-08-23 15:56:08

With the continuous development of automatic measurement & control level, sensor measurement technology, and network communication technology in recent years, agricultural industry has made full use of the current advanced technology to promote the automation and modernization level of agricultural production to a new level.
Intelligent Greenhouse
Economical operation and energy saving, low maintenance cost
Reduce the number of labor and save labor costs
Achieve agriculture from the past extensive management transfer to fining management 
Through intelligent supervision, improve the management level of agriculture, production efficiency, and agricultural economic benefits
Solution Introduction
Four-Faith intelligent monitoring solution of greenhouse can simulate the basic ecological environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, light, CO2 concentration, etc. To adapt to the needs of different biological growth and breeding.
The solution is composed of intelligent monitoring unit, according to the preset parameters, accurate measurement of greenhouse climate, soil parameters, etc. Using two methods of manual and automatic start or shut down the execution of different structures (Sprinkler irrigation, water pump, fan, ventilation system, etc.), data are all real-time data of various sensors collected by wireless terminals. The solution can provide an ideal environment for plants also can reducing human labor intensity, improve equipment utilization rate, improve greenhouse climate, reduce pests and diseases, increase crop yield and, etc.
Intelligent Monitoring Solution of Greenhouse
Easy Operation
Complete system software function, modular graphic design, operation is simple and convenient.
The greenhouse is geographically dispersed, so using wide-coverage 3G/4G network for data transmission, and high-gain antennas are used if necessary to ensure the normal operation of the network.
Easy Maintenance
The system can run the corresponding remote operation commands on the monitoring terminal, including remote parameter setting, remote control, remote data copy, monitoring terminal reset, upgrade, and etc.
The equipment using industrial design, stable and reliable. It is convenient for long-term upgrade and maintenance, prolongs the life of the system by updating components. Can keep the system operating without the entire system crashing and costing a lot of money.
Using the latest communication, software, and hardware technology, set up a clear and reasonable system architecture which can achieve multi-threaded communication. In a few seconds, hundreds of monitoring terminals can be transmitted to the monitoring center in real-time for centralized monitoring and remote scheduling, and the timely alarm of fault information can be realized.

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