Date:2023-10-27 08:54:03

Four-Faith 5G RedCap Router Achieves China Mobile's 5G and Lightweight Product Capability Certification

On October 21st, the China Mobile IoT Developer Conference and IoT Industry Forum, themed 'Smartly Connecting Everything, Creating the Future,' was successfully held in Wuxi, China. During the event, China Mobile's 5G IoT Open Lab awarded certification certificates to partners who passed the 5G and lightweight product capability certification. Four-Faith's 5G RedCap Router successfully made the list.

This certification primarily focuses on product functionality, performance, and network compatibility, covering a range of 5G and lightweight products, including modules, CPE, gateways, cameras, and more. It aims to accelerate the maturity of 5G products and jointly promote the large-scale development of 5G.

Four-Faith's achievement in gaining China Mobile's 5G and lightweight product capability certification highlights their strength in the IoT field and demonstrates the practicality, commercial viability, and social acceptance of Four-Faith's 5G terminals."

Currently, Four-Faith's 5G RedCap Router, in collaboration with China Mobile, has successfully been applied in projects such as the Shandong Laigang 5G fully connected factory, Shenzhen Mobile's emergency vehicles, and helicopter landing pilot projects. It demonstrates its commercial capabilities in critical industries such as industrial manufacturing, power generation, video surveillance, warehousing, and logistics. This enables a 'device-network-industry' scenario-based synergy.

Empowering the 5G RedCap Market to Propel 5G to New Heights

Since the freeze of the 5G R17 standard, RedCap has gained significant attention. In 2023, it has been a breakthrough year for 5G RedCap. China's four major telecom operators have successively released RedCap technology whitepapers, and chip manufacturers, module manufacturers, operators, and terminal companies are actively promoting RedCap for commercial use.

As a pioneer in 5G AIoT technology, Four-Faith is vigorously expanding into the 5G RedCap market, continuously establishing 5G RedCap communication terminal applications for various industries. It aims to empower industry digitalization and contribute to the development of Digital China.

In the future, Four-Faith will continue to collaborate with industry partners, accelerate the large-scale commercial deployment of 5G RedCap, strengthen its foundation for rapid growth, and collectively drive 5G applications towards a new stage of mass development."

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