Automated Control and Monitoring Solution for Port Crane based on F-NR100

Automated Control 5G router Four-Faith router

The Four-Faith router-based automated port crane system solution consists of the Four-Faith 5G router F-NR100, cameras, automation control equipment, and a backend monitoring center.

LoRa-based Asset Management Application in Wineries

LoRa-based Asset

The winery asset positioning management system consists of five components: F-LT300 LoRa vibration sensor, LoRa gateway F8926GW, sound and light alarm, Four-Faith backend device management server, and user storage management business platform, as shown in the diagram.

5G+ Industrial Internet Solutions by using F-NR100 5G Industrial Router

5G+ Industrial Internet Solutions

The system solution is composed of three main parts: perception layer, network layer, and platform layer. Specifically, the perception layer includes PLC, CNC, industrial instruments, and video capture devices connected to the network transmission equipment (Four-Faith F-NR100) through physical links. 

Wi-Fi Mesh Wireless Self-Organizing Network Solution Based on Four-Faith 5G Industrial Router F-NR100
To solve the above problems, Four-Faith launched a 5G + Mesh wireless self-organizing network solution and developed a 5G wireless Mesh router to access many terminals and seamless roaming.

Four-Faith Central Air Conditioning Energy Saving System Solution
Central air conditioning is widely used in large buildings: airports, subway stations, transportation hubs, CBD, shopping malls/supermarkets/department stores, libraries, office buildings, hospitals, etc. Central air conditio...

Four-Faith LORA-Based Water Supply Monitoring Solution
In this solution, the front-end sensors access the equipment through RS485, and then actively report the collected data through the LORA terminal equipment. The data is summarized to the LORA gateway (or directly transmitted to the server through the DTU equipment).