Four-Faith Central Air Conditioning Energy Saving System Solution
Central air conditioning is widely used in large buildings: airports, subway stations, transportation hubs, CBD, shopping malls/supermarkets/department stores, libraries, office buildings, hospitals, etc. Central air conditio...

Four-Faith LORA-Based Water Supply Monitoring Solution
In this solution, the front-end sensors access the equipment through RS485, and then actively report the collected data through the LORA terminal equipment. The data is summarized to the LORA gateway (or directly transmitted to the server through the DTU equipment).

5G+ Empowers Unmanned Sanitation Vehicles
The system components include front-end sensors, vehicle computers + 5G routers + mec private network servers; the vehicle's cameras, positioning radars, environmental sensors are all aggregated to the vehicle computer, and then reported to the background server through F-NR120.

Based on Four-Faith 5G Industrial Router F-NR130, CNC Machine Remote Operation & Maintenance Solution
The remote monitoring solution for CNC machine tools in this solution consists of three main parts: front-end equipment, communication equipment and back-end center.

Based on the Internet of Things, the Smart Precision Feeding System for Intelligent Farming
By connecting multiple feeders to the Four-Faith Intelligent Gateway through its 485 interface, the gateway can establish a connection with the platform via wired/4G/5G network.

The Four-Faith Hydrological Intelligent Monitoring System Assists in Upgrading Hydrological Stations

Hydrological Stations

Establish various hydrological observation sites in rivers, lakes and watersheds, deploy automated monitoring stations for hydrological elements, and rely on modern high-tech such as the Internet of Things, wireless communication, remote sensing, and telemetry.