Four-Faith Intelligent Monitoring Solution of Greenhouse

intelligent greenhouse

Four-Faith intelligent monitoring solution of greenhouse can simulate the basic ecological environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, light, CO2 concentration, etc. To adapt to the needs of different biological ...

Four-Faith Intelligent Food Delivery Cabinet Solution, Achieve a Safe and Happy Dining Experience

Intelligent Food Delivery Cabinet

Deal with the "non-contact" demand in the pandemic era, Four-Faith launched the intelligent food delivery cabinet solution to achieve the contactless self-receive food delivery and create a happy experience of " Take f...

Intelligent Logistics Solution Based on Four-Faith GPRS DTU Series

GPRS DTU Intelligent Logistics

Through Four-Faith GPRS DTU series, monitoring system and router application of Four-Faith intelligent logistics solutions to achieve from the warehouse, logistics transportation to the delivery cabinet logistics real-time...

Four-Faith IoT Information Monitoring System for Urban Gas Pipeline

IoT Information Monitoring System Urban Gas Pipeline

Four-Faith urban gas wireless monitoring solution using the Four-Faith wireless data transmission terminal to collect the pipe parameters such as pressure, flow, temperature through the 4G/5G device transmit the data to...

Four-Faith 5G Intelligent IoT Bus Monitoring Solution

5G Intelligent IoT Communication System GIS Monitoring

The 5G intelligent IoT bus monitoring solution is Four-Faith 5G intelligent IoT monitoring product line for urban public transport services and specially developed a full range of monitoring systems, combined with 5G n...

5G Lights up New Opportunities, Four-Faith 5G Smart Light Pole Gateway Achieve Urban Informatization and Intelligent Construction

5G Smart Light Pole Gateway

5G and smart light poles are two things of mutual achievement. The research and development of 5G micro base stations promote the construction process of smart light poles, and the advantage of the street light pole (wide distribution) also helps the deployment of the 5G network.