Efficient Coordination, Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection, Four-Faith 5G Industrial Computer Helps Factory Digital Transformation

5G Industrial Computer Factory Digital Transformation Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection

To solve the pain points of intelligent manufacturing enterprises, Four-Faith builds 5G+ smart factory solutions based on 5G network architecture, which effectively solve the security of factory production data, improve data collection efficiency and data processing delay, and realize real-time data collection and analysis.

From "Digital Factory" to "IoT Factory", Data Acquisition and Monitoring Solution of 5G+ Smart Factory

Digital Factory IoT Factory 5G Smart Factory 5G Industrial Router

Background   In recent years, China has attached great importance to the development of the intelligent manufacturing industry. Policies and measures have been introduced to provide continuous policy support for capital, technology, and support platform, and to promote the integrated development of new-generation information technology and the manufacturing industry.

From Horsepower to Computing Power, the 5G+ Driverless Scheme Accelerates the Era of Intelligent Cars

Unmanned Driving Intelligent Cars 5G Industrial Router

Background During the China two sessions in 2022, many representatives of the two sessions put the focus of the proposals in the field of intelligent network connection, taking automatic driving as an example, which...

Provide "Eyes" for the Machine, Four-Faith Image Recognition Technology Decoding Visual Data Potential

Image Recognition Technology

In the context of the continuous development of information technology, image recognition technology develops rapidly, especially as an important subdivision of the artificial intelligence industry, has been widely used i...

Four-Faith 5G High-performance CPE, Farewell the Office Network Coverage Dead Zone

5G High-performance CPE Office Network

Four-Faith 5G CPE office WiFi coverage scheme uses the 5G base station deployed by the operator to obtain the base station signal through Four-Faith 5G CPE and convert the base station signal into network accessible...

Four-Faith Intelligent Charging Pile Management System, Rapid Deployment of Public Charging Market

Internet of things Charging Pile Management System Public Charging Market

As the market prospect of new energy vehicles continues to improve, the public charging market has great potential. Although the charging infrastructure is increasingly complete, compared with the current number of new...