Live Video Network Often Unstable? Four-Faith 5G CPE Provide the Full Wi-Fi Coverage for the Live Broadcast!

5G CPE Live Video Network 5G Technology 4G Network Bandwidth

Four-Faith 5G CPE live broadcast WiFi coverage solution helps mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other terminals to connect to 5G CPE through WiFi (WiFi6 or WiFi5) or wired, and connect to the Internet through 5G ...

Self-Service Beverage Machine Solution Based on Four-Faith Industrial Control All-in-One Screen

All-in-One Screen Industrial Control Beverage Machine 4G wireless network

Four-Faith industrial control all-in-one screen F4934-A-17.3IE, equipped with beverage machine supporting APP, output HD advertising video, using the highly sensitive touch screen to provide the friendly man-machine interfa...

Four-Faith Air Compressor Remote Monitoring System

Air Compressor Intelligent Gateway

Four-Faith combined with Internet technology to achieve online remote monitoring of air compressor, so that air compressor manufacturers, maintenance units and users interact on the same platform, fully guarantee the saf...

Four-Faith CNC Machine Remote Monitoring Solution

CNC Machine Manufacturers Industrial Router

Background   CNC machine is a set of machinery manufacturing, computer, hydraulic, sensing, information processing, optical, and mechanical technology in one of the electromechanical integration products. With CNC machine are widely used in industrial production, CNC machine and CNC technology has become the core of the manufacturing industry.

Four-Faith Casting Machine Remote Management Solution

Casting Machine

Four-Faith casting machine intelligent monitoring solution combines with the remote intelligent management system, IoT technology, and maintenance services. Manufacturers or service providers can remotely control the casting...

Four-Faith Intelligent Breeding Farm Monitoring Solution

Intelligent Breeding Farm IP camera NVR

In the national economic system, breeding industry is one of the main components of agriculture. With the development of society, the traditional model of breeding industry is gradually replaced by the modern intellige...