The Publishment of Multi-media Screen Infomation of Self-service Terminals

Self-service Terminals

It owns following characters: large networking screen volume, networking free from distance, real time info update, update of classified info, accurate and efficient background management.

Self-service Ticketing System Machine Wireless Control Solution

Self-service Ticketing System

Self-service ticketing system is widely used in solving the problems of many people wait in line before the window, also put forward higher requirements on the degree of modern urban traffic facilities.

Four-Faith Industrial 3G/4G Router For Smart Express Logistics Solution

Smart Express Logistics

Industrial grade 3G/4G router F3x34 is used in this solution to establish the transparent data transmission channel to realize the wireless smart express logistics terminal networking.

Four-Faith Industrial 3G Router Booster Singapore Regional Supermarket Kiosk

Industrial 3G router 3G Routers Kiosk System Self-service Terminals

In wireless communication Things tide, domestic and foreign regions by Four-Faith industrial 3G router kiosk system has gradually become an important medium for many businesses marketing promotion.

Camera Monitoring Router Applied Self-service Networking System

Camera Monitoring Router Self-service Networking System

By establishing transparent data channel through F3x25 4G/3G Industrial camera monitoring router and monitoring center of self-service camera networking system to achieve wireless networking, and with 24 hours networking monitoring to ensure the efficient operation of the equipments.

Brand Chains IPsec Application

4G Wireless Router

4G Wireless Router F3X34 supply network access and set up IPSEC with headquarter server, all shops report relative finance information, sale information to headquarter data server through IPSEC encryption and the headquarter will proceed statistics, analysis, Management, decision on finance information, sale information to Efficiently realize remote control.