The Publishment of Multi-media Screen Infomation of Self-service Terminals

Date:2014-04-16 15:39:00

Traditional information issue and updating is through data cable, USD data disk, SD card and so on. In these ways, information is not updated in real time, and when the distance is long and scattered, labor cost increased greatly and bring big inconvenience to management.

Through Four-Faith industrial wireless Router network, scattered screen info of self-service terminals are centralized and managed. Total networking screen can reach 10,000, and info including ads, news, weather forecast, bank exchange rate, notification, etc.. These info can be issued simultaneously and efficiently, thus make self-service terminals become an important media for info display and communication, covers target population.

It owns following characters: large networking screen volume, networking free from distance, real time info update, update of classified info, accurate and efficient background management.

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