Power Self Payment Inquiry Terminal Application

Payment Inquiry

The power self payment inquiry system consists of payment platform, payment terminal and F3X25 series industrial 3G/4G router.  

Vending Machine Application

Vending Machine Application

Vending machine application is a kind of computer terminal equipment that could be self-service vending and gathering.

3G/4G Industrial Wireless Router Application in Philippine, Malaysia

Industrial Wireless Router ATM machines

The application of equipments networking has expanded to convenience payment, ATM machines, community service, self-service sell ,self-service print, etc.

Four-Faith 4G/3G Industrial Router Successfully Applied in Brand Clothing Chains

wireless terminal device clothing chains networking wireless networking solution

wireless terminal device continues to increase in recent years, which provides new information service platform for brand clothing chain store operators, wireless network coverage will undoubtedly become a big trend. 

Four-Faith Industrial 3G Router for Self-service Terminal Application

Self-service Terminal Industrial 3G Router

The tide in the mobile Internet, self-service terminal system is becoming an import medium for many businesses marketing via Four-Faith industrial 3G router. 

Industrial ATM 4G Lte Router Self-service Terminal Applications

4G Lte Router Self-service Terminal

Four-Faith’s 4G VPN (IPSEC) Router for ATM, atm 4g lte router use in the bank customers can access funds and make transfers anywhere and anytime, while the bank company can extend their ATM sites where 3G 4G network is available.