Self-Service Payment Terminals Wireless Networking Applications

Wireless Networking Applications Self-Service Terminals Applications Payment Terminals Applications

Self-service payment terminals wireless networking applications as new inquiries channels and services in the form of fees paid to bring our customers a quick and convenient.

Wireless Networking Application for Self-service Delivery Locker

Express Locker Industrial Wireless Communication Delivery Locker Wireless Networking

Four-Faith communication through industrial wireless communication technology, provides wireless networking solutions for self-service express locker, sets high speed, stable data transmission channel, enables the regional distributed self-service express communicate with control center, achieves network management.

ATM Camera Monitoring Router Wireless Video Surveillance

Wireless Video Surveillance

Banks need real-time camera monitoring of each branch of the operation 24 hours bank ATM machines, video capture to image data after processing by the DVR storage, through Four-Faith 3G / 4G  all network router to transfer images to a monitoring center.

Wireless Network Application in Self-service Ticket Machine

Wireless Network Application Self-service Ticket Machine

Self-service ticket machine through the Ethernet interface connect to Four-Faith industrial-grade wireless router, ticket center system can use private line and ADSL as network access.

Remote Management of Self-service Stores

Self-service Stores Industrial Wireless Router Self-service Vending Machine

Bulks of self-service stores can be networked for management through Four-Faith advanced internet technology and industrial wireless router.

WIFI Hotspot in Self-help Vending Machine

Self-help Vending Machine Self-help Device

Self-help vending machine is a terminal that applied in populated area where people can self-service and pay, its convenience has become a trend in life.