Gas Station Data Communication Based on GPRS

Gas Station Data Communication GPRS IP Modem gas station monitoring

Gas station data acquisition terminals are connected with Four-Faith GPRS IP Modem F2103 via RS232 or RS485, and public IP, APN and ADSL can be used for accessing internet for data center.
RS232 modem application in the northeastern wells flock GPRS control systematic

M2M communication platform Industrial RS232 Modem GPRS control systematic control systematic application wireless telecommunicate product

Wireless GPRS project will dispersive lithium bromide unit proceed centralized control and monitor, compared with the traditional wire transmission mode, will  save vast engineering construction cost, meanwhile cut down engineering construction time.
Online Monitoring System For Oil Pipeline

Oil pipeline monitoring system Monitoring System For Oil

Oil pipeline monitoring system combines the former monitoring methods to develop a new easier to operate and reliable pipeline monitoring system with  precise positioning and intelligent monitoring features.
Networking for the Oil Well and Gas Industry

Gas Industry Oil Industry Oil Industry application

Oil Well’s collection terminal’s connection through RS232/485 serial port and F2103’s serial port, data monitoring centers can connect to the network using a variety of ways, such as fixed IP, APN, ADSL and so on.