F2114 Low Consumption IP MODEM application for oil monitoring

application for oil monitoring oil monitoring application oil monitoring solutions

It can adopts Four-Faith wireless Communication terminal F2114 Low Consumption IP Modem for network data transmission.
Four-Faith F8914 ZigBee Terminal for Gas Monitoring Application

Gas Monitoring Application ZigBee cellular terminal Gas Monitoring solutions Gas Monitoring case gas monitoring system

F8914 ZigBee terminal has RS232/RS485 interface, two digital inputs/outputs and three analog inputs.The gas sensor(4-20mA) is connected to the analog input of F8914

Oil field and oil well remote monitoring application

remote monitoring application Oil field application wireless remote monitoring

The oil well working status sensor are mainly temperature sensor, pressure sensor, motor current sensor, voltage sensor, pumping unit load and displacement sensor, the transformer primary side current sensor, etc
Natural Gas Heating System Solution

Gas Heating System Solution Gas Heating System application Natural Gas Heating System

National energy conservation and emissions reduction and environment protection requirements,also caused the demand of natural gas as a heat source for district heating.

Tuha Oilfield GPRS data collection Applications

GPRS data collection Applications Oilfield Applications

GPRS currently has a relatively wide range of applications in many fields mature, with the application of GPRS network scheme can greatly improve the efficiency of production operations and information management Liaohe Oilfield.
Gas Station Data Communication Based on GPRS

Gas Station Data Communication GPRS IP Modem gas station monitoring

Gas station data acquisition terminals are connected with Four-Faith GPRS IP Modem F2103 via RS232 or RS485, and public IP, APN and ADSL can be used for accessing internet for data center.