Tuha Oilfield GPRS data collection Applications

Date:2013-11-27 14:14:00


In the vast expanse of the Gobi Desert , one can see a working oil drilling , oil region geographically dispersed production operations mobility, field construction harsh environments .How to achieve work status monitoring of each rig , production data , the current water gauge data, etc. , has been thinking big oilfield management.

GPRS currently has a relatively wide range of applications in many fields mature , with the application of GPRS network scheme can greatly improve the efficiency of production operations and information management Liaohe Oilfield.

Figure 1

Description : Pull the motor frame  box  1 of machinery and equipment 2 , Box 2 above have connected a long suction pipe directly into the ground surface. Suction pipe connection with a fall in the above , it 's time to put a mixture of oil and water absorption tubing lift , and transported to a centralized area through the frame tubing box 3.

Where abouts when the tubing is inserted straight draw surface water mixtures.

There are many over there in Box 3 valves in the oil-water mixture is pumped on the inside surface also need to inject water , thus preventing the ground sinking. Box 3 pipe connections shown in Figure 2.

Practical application

1. Water pressure gauge

Figure 2


2. Water pipeline valves



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