Vehicle WIFI 0perating System

Date:2014-07-17 17:29:00

Background analysis:

           Considering from passengers’ experience, once the journey time become overlong, passengers’ physical and psycho fatigue will reach the limit. Mostly the entertainment provided from coaches are just only newspaper and magazine which are not enough to meet customers’ demand. Contrarily, the entertainment provided by Coach WIFI operating system will greatly relieve passengers’fatigue, relax their body and bring pleasure to them. For vehicle companies, to guide the mobile Internet into the vehicle is very beneficial to attract and win customers.

Main function of the product:

1. Free WIFI: passengers can browse news,play social application, listen to music, and shopping online, etc.;meanwhile, the system can support 60 people online at the same time.

2. Passenger data analysis: A good command of customers’online behavior, including register info, on/off line time, clicking amount, online duration, traffic data, and so on. These info can be analyzed by data platforms.

3. LBS service: advertising promotion for merchant along the way, thus improve the marketing efficiency.

4. Remote control over equipment: convenient ads edit and update; remote control over scattered equipment can be achieved without technician go to site personally.

Product introduction

         Vehicle WIFI operating system mainly consist of hardware terminal and operating platform. With advanced communication technique and mobile Internet technique, this system can convert cable and 3g/4g to WIFI to realize quick employment and signal coverage.

Vehicle WIFI operating system

Hardware platform:

WIFI router for bus: F3434S

Photo of whole set

Photo of Serial

           By combining the technique of 3g/4g/WIFI network, cloud computing, APP developing and so on, and adopting operational design, the router can strongly support concurrent access and crowd using WIFI simultaneously. F3434S is equipped with TF card and SD card, and SSD storage is also supported.

Software platform:

          Powerful and stable back-end cloud managing pattern. Commercials can control vehicle WIFI router that scattered all around through Internet back-end. Like update ads at anytime(including words, photos, flash, videos, etc.), and extract statistics data. Thus commercial goal of ads promotion can be achieved.

Actual installation:



         Vehicle WIFI system does not transport passengers itself, but it is a big improvement for passengers experience. The system reflects the new tendency of carrier company value passengers experience first and actively take part in market competition. In view of current situation--road and railroad face strong competition and road transportation need new development to maintain sustainable development, whether free WIFI service can be provided has doubtlessly become a new benchmark in measuring transporting quality.

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