Live Video Network Often Unstable? Four-Faith 5G CPE Provide the Full Wi-Fi Coverage for the Live Broadcast!

Date:2022-02-24 16:15:08

The live video as a new media method has gradually become a powerful tool for enterprises and e-commerce companies in training, marketing, brand building, and other aspects. On the one hand, the continuous development of live video can stimulate customer’s consumption and help economic recovery. On the other hand, as the most convenient media carrier, live video has been widely recognized by netizens, saving more unnecessary time and cost for daily shopping.
With the rapid development of the live video industry, the network construction of the live broadcast room is becoming more and more important. Customers have high requirements for the delay and live video fluency of the live broadcast room. How to achieve full network coverage of the live broadcast room by using the convenient scientific & technological method and 5G technology is an urgent problem for enterprises to solve.
Pain Point
Limited Network Architecture and Few Wi-Fi Connections 
The network architecture of the traditional live broadcast room is limited, and the number of Wi-Fi connections available is few, which cannot meet the requirements of the live video broadcast of multiple terminals at the same time.
The Fixed Point of Optical Fiber Cannot be Moved at Any Time
Most live broadcast networks are limited by optical fiber fixed points, which makes it impossible to temporarily set up the live broadcast environment, bringing problems to live video broadcast.
4G Network Bandwidth is Limited, and Live Broadcasting is lagging
Due to the limited bandwidth of 4G networks, good video transmission cannot be guaranteed during live broadcast, which is easy to cause live broadcast lag and black screen, which makes customers' have a bad experience.
The Wireless Network Signal Fluctuates, the Network Environment is Challenged
The wireless network is vulnerable to the impact of the site environment, external interference, out-of-zone coverage, weak coverage, and other situations that occur frequently. In addition, these external factors are bound to lead to the instability of the live video network and result in enterprise live broadcast accidents.
Solution Introduction
Four-Faith 5G CPE live broadcast WiFi coverage solution helps mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other terminals to connect to 5G CPE through WiFi (WiFi6 or WiFi5) or wired, and connect to the Internet through 5G NR network to share real-time video, product information and conference site information on the live video broadcast.  5G CPE is mainly to solve the network access problem, with the advantages of a large number of WiFi connections, stable network connections, plug and play.
Live Video Network
Solution Advantages
High-performance WiFi to Improve the Transceiver Performance
The solution makes use of the core advantages of Four-Faith 5G CPE high-performance WiFi 6 and has a built-in dual-polarization 4*4 WiFi antenna to improve the transceiver performance and effectively to solve the problem of the poor network in the live broadcast environment.
East to Set Up, Achieve Remote Control of Device
Four-Faith 5G CPE support plug and play feature without complex configuration. Real-time detection achieves the automatic repair of network problems, to ensure a smooth live broadcast.
With Strong Convenience feature, Realize the Multi-scene Application of Live Broadcasting
Place on the table, easy to move, extremely convenient, solve the problem of limited optical fiber fixed point, convenient for multiple types of live scenes.

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