Four-Faith 5G Intelligent IoT Bus Monitoring Solution

Date:2021-08-11 10:09:41


In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy and society, the accelerating process of urbanization, the rapid growth of motor vehicle ownership, traffic demand has greatly increased. Especially the urban residents' dependence on traffic has sharply increased, and the increasing traffic demand has posed a great challenge to the intelligence of the entire public transport system. Moreover, rapidly developing public transportation is an inevitable trend of future urban development, and a huge business opportunity for public transportation operators and information service agencies.
However, the improvement of urban public transport facilities and management ability are unable to keep up with traffic demand development speed. The defects and shortcomings of the original infrastructure appearing. The most obvious is the way of city bus supervision and control lagged the current level of city development. It is unable to provide passengers with safe, reliable, and timely services. Because of the information lag caused a lot of cost waste and travel inconvenience.
Therefore, how to solve the intelligent monitoring and management of urban public transportation has become an important topic of urban sustainable development. Four-Faith intelligent bus monitoring solution with 5G network as the carrier, using its high speed, low latency, wide connection characteristics, through the industrial high-definition IP camera, high precision positioning chip and multi equipment monitoring linkage, can bring comprehensive innovation for the entire bus industry and services.
5G Intelligent IoT
Pain Point
1.The Public Transport Service Information Lags, Difficult for Citizens to Travel by Bus
The traditional bus information is lagged, and the passengers cannot get the bus frequency and arrival information in real-time. The uncertainty of bus information brings great inconvenience to the daily travel of citizens
2.The Bus Operation Management function is Limited, The Real-time Operation Information Cannot be Tracked
In the traditional model, the bus operation management function is limited, which can only track the information of bus entering and leaving the station, and the daily operation data can only be counted after work, resulting in off-duty, empty running, and other situations which cannot monitor the bad behaviors of drivers in real-time.
3.The Traditional Bus has Various Disadvantages, Cannot Provide the Real-time Feedback Operation Status
Due to the inaccuracy and latency of the traditional bus data collection, managers cannot accurately carry out statistical analysis of the line operation and bus conditions and cannot adjust the management strategy in time. Leading to the disadvantages of bus increasingly exposure.
4.The Intelligent Management Scheme is not Complete, Maintenance is Difficult for Management Personnel
The existing information and intelligent management system of public transport enterprises are not complete. In addition, the information cannot be interconnected. On the one hand, the investment cost is high. On the other hand, the maintenance is difficult and easy supervision cannot be achieved.
Communication System
Solution Introduction
​The 5G intelligent IoT bus monitoring solution is Four-Faith 5G intelligent IoT monitoring product line for urban public transport services and specially developed a full range of monitoring systems, combined with 5G network + data monitoring + image monitoring. Using advanced technology to bring the most comprehensive monitoring and management for the public transport industry. 
GIS Monitoring
System Composition
Communication System
Through the 5G high-speed network, the vehicle high-definition surveillance video, vehicle positioning information, vehicle operation data will be transmitted to the cloud server in real-time. While providing a high-speed network for other equipment on the bus such as an electronic information screen, advertising screen, etc.
Video Surveillance System
Four-Faith industrial IP camera on the bus provide 7*24 hours monitoring without dead angle. No matter what kind of harsh environment, it can achieve the scene details of HD collection and timed capture and abnormal report.
GIS Monitoring
Display real-time position and speed of the vehicle on the electronic map, with track playback and abnormal line reminder function.
Information Collection
Through the vehicle collection equipment and sensors, collect passengers get on/off bus data, vehicle system operation data in the real-time.
Solution Value
1.Using 5G Technology to Achieve the Real-time Intelligent Connection of All Things
Four-Faith intelligent IoT surveillance system, using the 5G wireless communication technology, collected various data and images from the front end with the fastest speed transmission to the management platform. Solve the information latency of old technology, low transmission speed, limited access equipment and other problems, achieve the all the things with intelligent link in the real-time.
2.Multi-azimuth Data and Image Acquisition, Facilitates Analysis and Decision Making
Four-Faith intelligent IoT monitoring system supports all kinds of IoT and common sensors information acquisition. A set of terminals can collect all kinds of data & images. All kinds of information and alarms are interworking without barriers, which truly achieve big data acquisition, analysis and provides higher value.
3.Real-time Multi-angle Monitoring, Escort for Bus
Industrial high-definition wide-angle camera, with large capacity video recorder, every detail of the scene is covered. H.265 is a new generation of video coding technology while ensuring high-quality images can save storage space, reduce bandwidth usage, greatly decrease the cost of monitoring.
4.Equipment Simplification, Cost Optimization, Easy to Integrate
Four-Faith intelligence IoT surveillance system, the integration of 5G+ data acquisition + image acquisition, only use a set of equipment can cover the supervision and monitoring of all directions. In addition, the complete system provides a perfect technical interface, convenient for users to carry out secondary integration and development. Not only improve the integration of the system but also greatly reduce the equipment cost and maintenance difficulty.

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