5G Lights up New Opportunities, Four-Faith 5G Smart Light Pole Gateway Achieve Urban Informatization and Intelligent Construction

Date:2021-08-10 11:34:06

5G and smart light poles are two things of mutual achievement. The research and development of 5G micro base stations promote the construction process of smart light poles, and the advantage of the street light pole (wide distribution) also helps the deployment of the 5G network.
As we know, 5G requires a large number of micro-base stations to complete more dense network coverage, but there are challenges in the construction process such as difficult site acquisition, high loss rate and roof loading limitation. No matter from the perspective of height, spacing, coverage, or aesthetics and power supply, smart light poles will become the natural carrier of 5G micro-base stations.
As for 5g smart light poles gateway, with the support of 5G's large bandwidth, low latency and massive connection features, new opportunities will emerge for vehicle-to-road collaboration, autonomous driving and other scenarios based on smart light poles.
5G Smart Light Pole Gateway
▲ Vehicle-road Cooperation and Automatic Driving Scene Diagram
First of all, relying on the large-scale erection of smart light poles, the 5G signal coverage of public roads in the future will also be greatly increased, providing a network signal guarantee for autonomous driving. Secondly, lidar can be integrated on smart light poles to capture traffic information from different distances and angles more comprehensively & accurately and transmit the traffic information to vehicles in real-time through the 5G network for road condition warning. Lastly, some smart light poles are also integrated with charging piles, which can meet the charging needs of electric vehicles and relieve the queuing pressure of public charging piles.
Therefore, the smart light pole as the best carrier of 5G micro base station and 5G is a necessary method to expand the new application scenario of the smart light pole. 5G and smart street light pole combination will be an irresistible trend.
According to the requirements, Four-Faith released the Internet of Things smart light pole gateway F-G300, which uses 5G operator network, wired broadband and optical fiber to provide users with wireless long-distance big data transmission, protocol conversion, edge computing and other functions.
5G Smart Light Pole Gateway
▲ Four-Faith 5G Smart Street Light Pole Gateway F-G300
The product is embedded with a Qualcomm X55 5G modem, which is a high-performance 5G chip. It is also can compatible with 4G networks, using hardware encryption, supports encryption methods such as SM1/2/3/4, supports IPV4/IPV6, supports local storage, and data transmission at network disconnection. It contains standard protocols such as HTTP, MQTT, TCP/IP, MODBUS RTU and, etc. In addition, supports customized development of protocols, as well as third-party platforms such as Ali Cloud, Baidu Cloud, Proudsmart Cloud, and Microsoft Cloud.
As an industry leader, Qualcomm is one of the first companies to implement 5G chips, its rapid and mass deployment capabilities help Four-Faith greatly reduce costs during product development and implementation. In addition, for overseas business, relying on Qualcomm's global 5G technology, Four-Faith can fully adapt the equipment of communication operators in different countries and regions, to avoid the cost of repeated development & resource waste, to achieve the rapid promotion and landing of the company's products in the local area.
5G Smart Light Pole Gateway
▲ Four-Faith 5G Smart Street Light Pole Gateway Topology
Four-Faith proposed that the real smart street light pole is based on the basic lighting function, more sensors are integrated on the light pole to achieve the city information and intelligent construction. Based on this, Four-Faith has built a smart street lamp product integrating various information equipment, technology innovation and composite applications. The whole smart lamp pole contains a street lamp lighting control system, Wi-Fi coverage, advertising screen broadcast control system, real-time urban environment monitoring, emergency call system, cable theft alarm, charging pile system, and other applications. By installing all kinds of IoT sensors, IP cameras and Four-Faith 5G industrial-grade smart street light pole gateway F-G300 at the scene of the smart street light pole, can solve all the IoT objects on the road data acquisition and transmission, including video, pictures, IP column, weather, exhaust gas, alarm, people counting, logistics, underground pipeline sensor data, location data and, etc.
5G Smart Light Pole
▲ Four-Faith 5G Smart Street Light Pole Project
At present, Four-Faith has successfully helped the city government in Guangdong province to complete the intelligent renovation and upgrading of urban street light poles. Four-Faith customized the plan according to the project requirements of the city government,  smart street light pole has unique advantages in the overall urban intelligent reconstruction project. Intelligent lighting meet the basic needs of the community road. The environmental monitoring system can detect the air in the community at any time, which is beneficial to the community citizens to build a good habit of garbage classification. In addition, with the function of intelligent street light charging pile, it can also meet the needs of electric vehicles.
Smart Light Pole Gateway
▲ Four-Faith 5G Smart Street Light Pole Project
Smart Light Pole
▲ Four-Faith 5G Smart Street Light Pole Project

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