Date:2022-10-31 09:53:19

Warm Congratulations to Four-Faith Won the Industrial Router Industry Top 10 Brand Recommendation List in 2022

Recently, the brand Star big data system provides data support, comprehensively considering the brand awareness, enterprise asset scale and operation situation, the number of employees and other indicators. Xiamen Four-Faith Communication has won the recommendation list of "Top 10 Brands of Industrial Router Industry in 2022". In terms of brand strength, industry reputation, product quality and application scenarios, we are leading the industry. For most users, choosing the industrial router from the top ten brands is the guarantee of quality and authority.
Industrial Router Industry Top 10 Brand
Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., LTD., referred to as "Four-Faith Communication", is a famous trademark in Fujian Province, a leading small giant enterprise of technological innovation in Fujian Province, a high-quality brand in Xiamen, a high-tech enterprise supported by Xiamen, a pioneer on the Internet of Things industry, and a provider of communication technology solutions for the Internet of Things. Smart power, smart city, smart water, smart disaster, smart fire, and other industry solutions provider.
Focus on LoRa, NB-IoT, ZigBee, 2.5G, 3G, 4G, 5G and other wireless communication modules and terminal products, IoT measurement and control terminals and system solutions research and development, production, sales, and services, to provide industry users, system integrators, operators with competitive products, technologies, solutions, and services. Focusing on IoT, around industry customers, offering open collaborative ideas and bring intelligent across all beings.
Four-Faith has set up a service model of headquarter as the center and regional teams in various regions, forming a sales and service network covering more than 50 countries and regions in the world. With strong technical strength, perfect service network, efficient service team, strong support backing, to provide customers with timely, efficient, reliable localized services.
Four-Faith has the industry's leading research and development laboratory, advanced laboratory equipment and testing environment, brought together a group of experts IoT wireless communication technology, for many years to undertake various IoT technology innovation project, application, research projects, science and technology plan projects and production technology, strong R&D capability is four letter solid foundation for continuous development of science and technology, all products independent research and development, Has more than 30 invention and utility model patents.
Four-Faith has passed ISO9001, SGS and other certifications, and its products have passed CE certification, FCC certification, EMC certification, ROHS certification, environmental test certification, State Grid Center certification, national industrial production license and other quality certifications, realizing the product goal of "intelligent, standard, safety and reliability".
Four-Faith wholly-owned production plant has modern production equipment, large-scale production base, to create excellent quality products to provide a solid backing; The production base is equipped with dust-free SMT workshop and finished product assembly and test workshop, equipped with Japanese high-precision SMT machine production line, high-precision printing machine, ICT online tester and other professional production equipment; And has a special product safety laboratory, product reliability laboratory, product environment laboratory, product aging room to strictly control product quality. Strictly according to the ISO9001 organization management, with a strong product production and supply capacity.

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