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IoT Hornors Man Four-Faith has the Honorary Title as Super Tax Payer over 10 Millions Yuan on 2016

Integrity management, rapid development, taxation according to law - Four-Faith is  the top students of Internet of things

Recently, as a reward, incentive advanced development, sets up the model, xiamen municipal people's government of Amoy area recognition and awarded Four-Faith communication technology co., LTD. Xiamen "2016 exceeds 10 million yuan to heavy tax households" title of honor. This award is a recognition of the contribution of the government to the Four-Faith, as well as the encouragement of the company's initiative to pay taxes, integrity management and business development in accordance with the law.

Actively pay tax, Four-Faith takes enterprise citizen responsibility

By using technology to create customer value, and to achieve the happiness of employees in business practice, in 2016, Four-Faith realized the double growth of the company's performance under the joint efforts of all employees.The product covers 50+ countries, and the Internet of millions of things is operated online, and has been awarded the famous trademark of fujian province. In their own "sound and rapid development" at the same time, Four-Faith never forget to corporate social responsibility, the pursuit to enterprise and industry, enterprise and employees, and partners, and society, enterprise and natural and harmonious growth, adhere to tax according to law, to give back to society, feedback the masses.

Let the powerful person have love, let the loving person be strong, Four-Faith formed "Trust Fund" enthusiastically jump into public welfare cause.

Let the powerful have the love, let the loving one strong, Four-Faith although the strength is relatively small, but we have been working hard. In recent years, constantly feedback social public welfare activities, such as: Donate money to help poor old people, hold love home activity and take care remote mountainous areas of left-behind children educational activities, love nest flow of migrant youth reading activities, help promote Chinese study of donations, etc.

For the future, Four-Faith will, as always, abidioy his "honesty, trust, confidence and faith" as the foundation, through honest labor, law-abiding business, pay taxes in accordance with the law, to give back to society, efforts to create a happy harmonious enterprises and society.

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