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Covenant in Kuala Lumpur|Four-Faith will with you gather in the energy industry annual feast in September

  3-4 September 2019

  The most scale

  The most widely product

  High-Level Participates smart grid & Smart grid meter exhibition

  14th Asian Utility Week

  Will be popular in Malaysia

14th Asian Utility Week

  Four-Faith experienced 10 years in Oversea

  Focus on the news real time

  Will be show

  High-level Industrial device

  ripe application & solution



  Welcome every customers from all over the world to our booth

  Hall 2 AC12-AC14


Asian Utility Week

Asian Utility Week cover smart grid、smart meter、transmission and distribution、new energy、smart home、energy storage etc.The most huge grid field、most widely product、the most participants in South East Asia.The exhibition cover North East Asia、South East Asia、South Asia、North Europe and part of Africa countries.Hold once a year,popularity 350 exhibitors come from all over the world last year.The Number of participants reach in 11000.

Four-Faith professional in IOT, catch in the opportunity in energy market. Four-Faith will show all our industrial level device with the high technology, such as industrial level wireless Router, modem, GatewayIP camera, Fault Indicator, Protocol Converter, Multifunctio Meter, Electricity Wireless ModemLoRaNB-IoTZigBee series and solution. Let the global customer to know four-faith strong R&D team and rich product. We hope to help Economic complementarity with each country, provide various product and cooperation method, grow win-win profit with our partners.


  Four-Faith together with Asia-Pacific great friends

  Face to Face discuss and share the new technology

  Before That

  We would like to show some part of product for you

  Let’s Go!

  Product List

  Bullet IP Camera Series

Bullet IP Camera Series

  ■ IoT Interface Integration,Highly Customizable

  ■ Smart Configuration Tools,reduce workload and management cost

  ■ With four-faith Industrial NVR(Network Video Recorder), just plug in the power the device on,it will start to record

  ■ Built in multiple system protection Mechanism,real time monitoring system working status

  ■ Hisilicon high-end chip,stronger ability to process image

  ■ Industrial High-level protection,suitable for various rugged environment

  Industrial Wireless Router

Industrial Wireless Router

  ■ Use Industrial performance high-level module,make sure stability network

  ■ Super WDT Technology,make sure stability system

  ■ Support output Relay、number of optocouplers

  ■ Support TF card,GPIO、Data for storage

  ■ Support various VPN, make sure safe transmit data

  LoRa series

LoRa series

  ■ Use Industrial performance high-level module,make sure stability network

  ■ Low power consumption<2uA

  ■ High sensitivity <-140dBm

  ■ Support global frequency:433/470/868/915MHZ etc

  ■ Support customized protocol:Alios、CLAA、LoRaWAN、LinkWAN etc

  ■ Support star-network & repeater

  ■ Support single channel & multi channel Data transmission

  ■ Support Adaptive link rate communication

  Overhead Fault Indicator

Overhead Fault Indicator

  ■ Real-time monitoring of the working status of overhead lines

  ■ Remote configuration of equipment and remote upgrade of programs,which greatly improve management efficiency

  ■ Ultra-micro power design, stable and reliable work>10 years

  ■ Epoxy casting, protection level up to IP68

  Protocol Converter

Protocol Converter

  ■ Complete data acquisition and multi-protocol conversion(Including DNP3.0、Modbus RTU/TCP、IEC104、IEC101 etc.)

  ■ Multiple communication interface type

  ■ Support 2.5G/3G/4G/NB-IOT cellular network

  ■ High performance hardware platform

  Support remote management, Sending communication protocol online, which can reduce the cost of site maintenance.

  Multifunction Power Meter

Multifunction Power Meter

In order to meet the rapid development of smart grid system, Four-Faith Multifunction Power Meter comes into being, with full power acquisition, switch value monitoring, relay output and powerful expansion function, which is widely used in various industries, such as distribution system, industrial automation and intelligent network monitoring system.

  Exhibition Guide

  Date:3rd-4th, September,2019

  Address: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  Booth No.: Hall 2 AC12-AC14

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