Four-Faith 4G/3G wireless router: booster of Environmental Monitoring Project

Date:2013-11-25 14:39:00

It is reported that China's current environmental monitoring in most areas mainly artificial periodic (or irregular) field sampling, laboratory analyzes based. Such a heavy workload and randomness, does not accurately reflect the process of the  changing of the entire environment, and therefore can not get a reliable basis for environmental damage. With the development of networking technology, wireless transmission have changed wired deployment based, effectively prevent lawless destruction, special circumstances can not be wiring and other issues. After the completion of the environmental monitoring system, related dept make improvement from treatment to prevention, greatly improving the monitoring level.

Chinese Academy of Sciences is one of the units first to develop and research environmental monitoring technology of Internet of Things and the system. In several years, they make great effect on environmental monitoring applications and the development of environmental monitoring system based on the Internet of Things have been put to practical. Chinese Academy of Sciences started to work with Four-Faith since 2012, using Four-Faith F3X25 4G/3G wireless router in their environmental monitoring system projects successfully. 

Environmental monitoring system of Internet of Things is for environmental information signal acquisition, mobile facilities transmission and management applications installed terminal transmission signal acquisition and management applications in a fixed location based on mobile data transmission platform, to transfer, process and manage the monitoring data through wireless networking access of the operator.

Four-Faith F3X25 4G/3G wireless router provides wireless Internet access for on-site monitoring system, making data monitoring nodes can be transmitted to a server located on the Internet, while the control information on the server can also be sent to the next node in the network monitoring, in order to achieve real-time emissions monitoring point data acquisition, data analysis and processing, data graphics, real-time video surveillance, video browsing, and image capture and other main functions of key pollution monitoring stations;

Environmental monitoring system

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