Centralized Monitoring & Unified Management! Four-Faith Launch Data Center Environmental Monitoring Solution

Date:2022-12-01 16:55:08


With the acceleration of new infrastructure, digital intelligence technology is gradually infiltrating various fields. Taking the data center industry as an example, due to the gradual growth of the construction scale of the data center, the market demand for data center equipment has increased synchronically, bringing more possibilities for industry users.
With the increasing amount of equipment in the data center room, how to ensure the normal operation of equipment in the equipment room is essential for environmental monitoring. How to use intelligent supervision to meet the "centralized monitoring and unified management" of data centers, achieve stable operation of the data center room, and reduce economic losses is an urgent problem to be solved.
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2.Requirements Analysis
The traditional data center room lacks the early warning function, and the inspection frequency is low, which makes it difficult to control the abnormal problem in real-time.
Data center room monitoring costs too much manpower and material resources, artificial supervision is difficult to detect anomalies in time, and cannot deal with the hidden dangers the first time.
If the ambient temperature in the data center exceeds the bearing temperature of the equipment, open flame accidents, environmental leakage or water leakage may occur, and a short circuit may occur.
Traditional data center room management may cause security risks, such as lax access control, information leakage, cable removal, reconnection, or damage.
3.Solution Introduction
To solve the difficulties of environmental monitoring in the current data center room, Four-Faith combines new sensors, wireless communication, a computer network, automatic control, and other technologies to build the environment monitoring system of the data center room.
Collect and alarm the temperature, humidity, and water intake in the data center room. Realize automatic, precise data acquisition, all-weather abnormal water intake monitoring. Timely alarm to reduce losses; Remote supervision saves labor resources, improves operation efficiency, and ensures the safety of the data center room.
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Data Center Temperature & Humidity Monitoring System 
Four-Faith data center temperature and humidity monitoring system collects data through the Four-Faith LoRa temperature and humidity sensor terminal FST100 and transmits it to the gateway through LoRa, and then the gateway transmits the data to the back-end monitoring platform through 4G or Ethernet. The platform parses the original data into intuitive temperature and humidity values, and stores and displays them. At the same time, when the temperature and humidity data is abnormal, the system will push alarm information in real-time and notify the administrator the first time.
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Data Center Water Inflow Monitoring System
The water inflow monitoring of the data center room is connected to the Four-Faith LoRa sensor terminal FST200 by the front-end water flooding sensor. Once the water inflow is detected, the alarm information is sent to the FST200, and then transmitted to the gateway through LoRa, and the data is transmitted to the platform by the gateway through 4G or Ethernet. The platform sets the object model and linkage rules, analyzes the original data, and sends an alarm immediately after finding the water inflow, reminding the relevant personnel to check and deal with it in time.
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4. Solution Advantages
24-hour Inspection Provides Real-time Alarms for Abnormal Situations
The data center room monitoring system can be inspected 24 hours a day. If any exception is detected, the data center room monitoring system can generate a real-time alarm to ensure the safety of the data center room environment.
Remote Environment Monitoring Reduces Maintenance Personnel
Real-time monitoring of the data center room environmental data, equipment running status, unified management of the electric equipment on the site, eliminating the staff to the site inspection of the tedious work, the staff in the monitoring room can fully grasp all the information of the data center room.
Automatic Monitoring System, Improve Management Efficiency
Through the background, administrators can intuitively understand the overall operating status of the data center room, monitor data, alarm prompts, and other important information, improve management efficiency, reduce the workload of manual inspection, and reduce labor costs for enterprises. At the same time, the potential accident can be estimated in advance, early intervention, reducing the cost of accident treatment.

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