Four-Faith City Pollution Sources Monitoring Solution

Date:2021-08-30 16:28:57


With the rapid development of science and technology, the degree of industrialization in today's world is getting higher and higher. The improvement of quality of life also brings the destruction of environmental quality. Human health is directly affected by the surrounding environment, and air quality has become the focus of public concern.
City Pollution
Pain Point
Timely and accurate monitoring and treatment of all kinds of sudden pollution sources and pollution sites are not possible.
Traditional manual monitoring method not only consumes a large amount of manpower cost, but also has low efficiency and is prone to serious environmental pollution.
Because the monitoring sites are scattered and distributed widely, and most of them are set up in bad environment areas, the manual transmission of data is often less effective.
Solution Introduction
Four-Faith City Pollution Sources Monitoring Solution apply for the real-time monitoring of urban air pollution sources, through the remote data monitoring system, can be real-time effective monitoring and management of different areas of the city, become one of the communications chosen by the environmental protection department.
The pollution source monitoring equipment can send the collected pollution data and alarm information to the environmental protection monitoring department in time through the wireless network, achieve the timely management of units or individuals, which can greatly improve the work efficiency of the environmental protection department. Data is transmitted by the Four-Faith network, which can be accessed from multiple terminals such as the background monitoring center of the Environmental Protection Bureau. The monitoring platform also has a variety of statistics and alarm functions for the full implementation of the project, can bring the whole city into the scope of supervision, truly achieve effective management, and standardized law enforcement.
City Pollution Sources
Solution Value
Real-time Monitoring Management
Achieve the visual management of pollution sources and realize the comprehensive, real-time, and networked monitoring system of pollution sources.
Data Statistics and Analysis
The online monitoring data and alarm information of pollution sources are classified and analyzed in an all-around and multi-angle manner to provide comprehensive reports and statistical charts.
Powerful Alarm and Pre-warning Function
Provide diversified alarm functions, accurately give specific exceed the value, exceed the time, exceed the discharge, exceed the discharge medium quality, for strengthening supervision work to provide a detailed and reliable basis.
Seamless Integration with Geographic Information Systems
The system achieves data query, statistics, environmental mapping, display, and other functions based on geographic information, as well as pollution source analysis, regional environmental assessment, early warning and emergency, environmental decision management, and etc.

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