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What are the Differences between an Industrial Router and a Home Use Router

Today, have many customers ask about that whether the industrial router can be used for home use? Here, it is 100% to confirm that industrial routers can be used for home use.
Home Use Router
Compared with home use routers, industrial routers have many advantages.
1. Industrial routers are more powerful than home use routers
Industrial routers generally support various networks such as 5G/4G, WIFI, AND VPN, and support serial DTU functions. They are widely used for remote monitoring and data transmission in industrial sites such as multi-channel big data, pictures, and videos. 
2. Industrial routers are more stable than home routers
Industrial routers are more stable, able to work steadily for long periods, and repair themselves when the network fails. Industrial design allows industrial routers to operate at temperatures ranging from -40 ° C to 70 ° C.
3. Industrial routers respond faster
Industrial routers have large bandwidth, fast response, port mapping, VPN, watchdog, stronger firewall protection, and static induction protection.
4. Industrial routers have richer protocols
Industrial routers have richer routing protocols, such as SNMP, static router, policy router, a unified management protocol, etc.
5. Industrial routers are used in a wider range of applications
Industrial routers are superior in the performance, allowing more people to access the Internet at high speed. Most industrial routers use high dominant frequency network dedicated processor, strong data processing capacity, longer transmission distance, larger coverage area can greatly improve the transmission speed and throughput capacity of the network, the operation is also very stable. 
Can the industrial router be used for home use? What are the differences between the industrial router and household router? I hope it will be helpful to you. 

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