Four-Faith Central Air Conditioning Energy Saving System Solution

Date:2023-06-01 15:12:11

Central air conditioning is widely used in large buildings: airports, subway stations, transportation hubs, CBD, shopping malls/supermarkets/department stores, libraries, office buildings, hospitals, etc. Central air conditioning systems can be divided into wind-cooled central air conditioning systems and water-cooled central air conditioning systems according to different cooling methods. However, no matter which method is used, there are industry pain points of energy waste if not properly controlled. According to the "China Building Energy Consumption Research Report", the energy consumption of central air conditioning accounts for about 60% of the total building energy consumption and more than 18% of the social end energy consumption.

The solution was applied in a hospital in Hubei Province. It uses Xiamen Four-Faith F8L10ST LoRa temperature and humidity integrated wireless acquisition terminal, which is mainly used for environmental temperature and humidity acquisition. Through the built-in LoRa industrial grade wireless communication module and star networking, the data is reported to the LoRa gateway. The gateway directly forwards the data to the platform through 4G/network cable. It realizes all-round monitoring of temperature and humidity in the building. The platform analyzes and statistics the data collected by LoRa. Integrating HVAC technology, LoRa IoT wireless communication technology, platform big data and AI energy saving algorithm, it realizes intelligent control of the central air conditioning system, enables the central air conditioning system to operate at the point of optimal energy efficiency, and realizes intelligent supply of cold/heat on demand.

Solution Overview
Network Topology

Central Air Conditioning


Solution Description

In this project, the F8L10ST LoRa acquisition terminal accesses temperature and humidity sensors to support active acquisition and reporting on a timed basis and platform polling acquisition. It provides rich interfaces such as RS232 and RS485 (or RS422) interfaces to directly connect serial devices and realize data transparent transmission function. It also provides 2 I/O, 2 ADC and other functions, while providing 12V or 5V (optional) power output to meet the power supply of sensors. The low power consumption design supports lithium-ion battery power supply, solar power supply and DC power supply. The IP68 protection level can meet the needs of various application scenarios. 

The LoRa gateway provides wireless signal coverage for the building and is responsible for forwarding and uploading business data of LoRa terminal nodes. The upstream connects to the central air conditioning intelligent management platform through carrier networks/wired networks.

Communication Technology Characteristics

1. Compared with 2.4G ZigBee and cellular communication technology, LoRa working at 470M frequency band has longer wavelength and better diffraction and penetration ability.

2. It works in the unlicensed ISM 470M frequency band without paying traffic fees to operators.

3. It adopts LoRa patented modulation and demodulation technology with sensitivity as low as -140dbm, which has stronger anti-interference ability than other wireless technologies.

4. It enables wireless communication without laying cables, easy to deploy, reducing construction costs and time.

Recommend Products
LORA Terminal

LORA Terminal



Key Features:

Support for rich frequency bands: 433/470/868/915MHz 
Low power consumption design, supports deep sleep/air wakeup mode, built-in large capacity battery, optional battery/solar power supply, etc.
IP68 protection level to meet the needs of various application scenarios.
Support 1 RS232/RS485, 2 DI/DO, analog and other rich interface types 
Support rich communication protocols such as LoRa private protocol, LoRaWAN, LinkWAN, CLAA

LORA Gateway

LORA Gateway



Key Features:
Industrial-grade wide power input, supports DC 5~36V
Metal enclosure, IP30
Operating temperature: -35~+75℃(-31~+167°F)
Has industrial-grade anti-dropout mechanism to always keep the device online
Built-in software/hardware watchdog to ensure stable system operation
Transmission method: 4G, wired Ethernet
Docking with host computer, supporting multiple protocols: TCP/UDP/MODBUS TCP/MQTT/custom TCP, etc.

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