Four-Faith LORA-Based Water Supply Monitoring Solution

Date:2023-05-26 16:31:15

The Guiding Opinions of the China National Development and Reform Commission on Accelerating the Establishment of a Stepped Price System for Urban Residential Water Use requires the promotion of the "one household, one meter" policy. The Water Ten Articles of the State Council controls the network leakage rate. The Notice of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and three other departments on Strengthening and Improving the Construction and Management of Secondary Water Supply Facilities for Urban Residents to Ensure Water Quality Safety Secondary water supply transformation regulations.

The solution strictly implements automated production indicators in the production process of water plants. Real-time monitoring of water quality safety from water plants to various water supply points avoids secondary pollution of drinking water during transportation. At the same time, the monitoring system during transportation always grasps the safety of water quality. When drinking water enters residents' homes, portable or fixed monitoring instruments and quantitative measuring instruments ensure the absolute safety and measurement accuracy of drinking water. 
Solution Description

LORA-Based Water Supply Monitoring Solution

Solution Overview

In this solution, the front-end sensors access the equipment through RS485, and then actively report the collected data through the LORA terminal equipment. The data is summarized to the LORA gateway (or directly transmitted to the server through the DTU equipment). The collected environmental factors such as water quality, pressure, incoming and outgoing station flow, temperature, and humidity of tap water pipes are transparently transmitted to the server for analysis. Finally, the data is displayed at the monitoring center.

Communication Technology Features

Compared with 2.4G ZigBee and cellular communication technology, LoRa working at 470M frequency band has longer wavelength, better diffraction ability and penetration ability.

Working in the ISM 470M unlicensed frequency band, no need to pay traffic fees to operators.

Using LoRa patented modulation and demodulation technology, sensitivity as low as -140dbm, stronger anti-interference ability than other wireless technologies.

Wireless communication lines, easy to deploy, reduce construction costs and time. 

Recommended Product Introduction

LORA Terminal:

LORA Terminal



Parameters and Features:
Wide power input (5-36V)
Operating temperature -40~+85°C
WDT watchdog 
Urban area 1KM (2KM with PA), line of sight 3.5KM (11.5KM with PA)
Transparent transmission method for data transmission 

LORA Gateway:

LORA Gateway



Parameters and Features
Industrial wide power input, supports DC 5~36V 
Metal shell, IP30
Operating temperature -35~+75oC(-31~+167°F)
With industrial anti-dropout mechanism to keep the device online at all times
Built-in software/hardware watchdog to ensure stable system operation 
Transmission methods: 4G, wired Ethernet
Connecting to the host computer with multiple protocols TCP/UDP/MODBUS TCP/MQTT/custom TCP, etc. 

On-site Pictures

LORA-Based Water Supply Monitoring Solution


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