Four Faith Supports Deployment of New Water Meter Monitoring Service in India Using the LoRaWAN® Standard

Date:2021-04-27 16:54:38

Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as FourFaith) is a national high-tech enterprise, a leading technology giant, and the world's leading Internet of Things communication equipment and solution service provider. FourFaith’s devices use the LoRaWAN® standard for its smart water metering solutions to enabling public utility companies in India to improve efficiency and reduce management costs.

LoRaWAN Water Meter Monitoring
FourFaith LoRaWAN® Water Meter Monitoring Project in India

It is an ideal IoT platform for smart metering with its easy to deploy, long-range, and flexible capabilities. The FourFaith water metering solution using LoRaWAN allows our water supply customers to reduce operating costs, improve the efficiency of meter reading management and save water resources.

For the water meter monitoring project in India for the government, the communication arrangement is about several kilometers and houses are concentrated. It is not easy to get a power source because most of the water meters are installed outside the wall.
There are the project requirements:

  1. Low power consumption, can be powered by battery for years.
  2. Auto report water meter for a fixed time, can be pre-configured.
  3. Small size, can be easily embedded into water meter.
  4. Support to be manually read by the handheld device, for some points which cannot be read automatically.
  5. Go to sleep mode if no reading to save the battery.


 LoRaWAN Water Meter Monitoring

FourFaith provides the F8L10D-N module for this project, F8L10D-N is a low power consumption LoRaWAN module that can reach 3uA for sleep mode. F8L10D-N is small enough to be embedded into the water meter with TTL ready to connect.
Currently, our customer had already installed the FourFaith LoRaWAN solution with water meters to the field, around 8000 LoRaWAN modules work well with the water meters. This project helps our customers to improve efficiency and reduce management costs.
“It is exciting to see our members deploying solutions leveraging the LoRaWAN standard at scale,” said Donna Moore, CEO and Chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance. “The technical attributes of LoRaWAN are ideal for metering applications, as this deployment indicates. The flexibility of the LoRaWAN standard to address multiple challenges – distance, battery life, automated services – are key to why it is the only LPWAN ready to support massive IoT.”

About FourFaith

FourFaith was founded in 2008, the headquarter is in Xiamen, China. FourFaith is a national high-tech enterprise, a leading technology giant, and the world's leading Internet of Things communication equipment and solution service provider. With technological innovation as the core, FourFaith revolves around wireless communication technology, 5G, AI, etc.
FourFaith provides IoT products and solutions for government departments, enterprises, and public institutions, industry users, system integrators, and operators. We are focus on providing cutting-edge IoT products and solutions to bring intelligence across all beings.

About FourFaith LoRaWAN Devices

FourFaith LoRaWAN devices is a widely adopted long-range, low-power, and low-cost solution for IoT that gives telecom companies, IoT application makers, and system integrators. With cutting-edge IoT communication technology and artificial intelligence as the technical core, fully using of LoRaWAN technology, FourFaith has launched modules, gateways, and multi-functional terminals based on LoRaWAN. These products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and they are widely used in smart cities, smart transportation, smart security, smart buildings, smart agriculture, and other fields. Besides, FourFaith is an adopter member of the LoRa Alliance® to promote standardization development of the LoRaWAN industry and bring intelligence to all beings.

LoRa Alliance® and LoRaWAN® are registered marks, used with permission.

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