Basic Functions of RTU Remote Terminal Unit

RTU Remote Terminal Unit

RTU remote terminal unit, the remote measurement and control terminal, belongs to the intermediate equipment of the sensor network layer and the transmission network layer, and is also the key equipment of the Internet of Things.
LTE Cat M1 Technology Applied to 4G Locator

LTE Cat M1

The technology involved in high-end positioning equipment is extremely complex. At present, many locator manufacturers have developed the latest LTE 4G locator, which has pushed the industry one step further.
What is DB to DBI Calculator

DB to DBI Calculator

DBi and dBd are units of power gain, both are relative values, but the reference is not the same. The reference reference for dBi is an omnidirectional antenna; the reference reference for dBd is a dipole.
What is an IoT Edge Gateway? Practical Applications of IoT Edge Gateways

IoT Edge Gateway

Edge computing means that in the vicinity of the data source, the IoT edge gateway lays a solid foundation for the application of edge computing in the Internet of Things, and the deployment of edge computing servi...
LTE Cat-NB1 and LTE Cat-M1 Will Become Mainstream IoT Technologies


LTE Cat-NB1, also called NB-IoT, requires a bandwidth of about 200KHz, and mainly transmits low-traffic data at a rate below 100Kbps.
Introduction to Common Communication Modules in the IoT

Communication Modules in IoT

As we all know, there are many kinds of IoT communication protocols, they have different performance, communication speed, coverage, power and memory, and each protocol has its own advantages and disadvantages. This article mainly introduces some common communication modules in the IoT.
How to Setup 4G LTE WiFi Modem

4g lte wifi modem setup 4G network

The setting of 4g lte wifi modem should distinguish between Apple mobile phone and Android mobile phone. Apple mobile phone uses IOS system. When the cellular data is turned on, the 4G/3G/2G network switch can be selected to be turned on.
What is GSM for IoT? NB-IoT and GSM Overview

GSM for IoT

GSM is currently the most widely used network technology in Internet of Things (IoT) applications for its simplicity, low complexity cellular communications for IoT devices in a way that conserves energy.
What is the Difference Between to the GPRS VS GPS


There is only one letter difference between GPRS vs GPS, which is easy for users to misunderstand. Today we find out the meaning and function of GPRS vs GPS through comparison.  
Seven Major Differences Between to the GPRS VS GSM


As we all know, the GPRS vs GSM are both data wireless transparent transmission modules, and people often confuse the two. But the two are not the same thing. GPRS is General Packet Radio Service and GSM module i...