What is an Intelligent Manufacturing System? Introduction of Intelligent Manufacturing System

Intelligent Manufacturing System

The intelligent manufacturing system is a human-machine integrated intelligent system composed of intelligent machines and human experts. It can simulate the intelligent activities of human experts with the help of compu...
How Important is a Smart Access Control System? System Development of Smart Access Control System

Smart Access Control System

The smart access control system indicates the prohibition authority of the door access door. Security guard at the door.
Is the Smart Home System Easy to Use? Function of Smart Home System

Smart Home System

The smart home system uses advanced computer technology, network communication technology, intelligent cloud control, integrated wiring technology, and medical electronic technology to integrate individual needs according to...
What are Mobile Intelligent Terminals? Classification of Mobile Intelligent Terminals

Mobile Intelligent Terminals

Mobile intelligent terminals have the ability to access the Internet, usually equipped with various operating systems, and can customize various functions according to user needs. Common intelligent terminals in life include mobile intelligent terminals, vehicle-mounted intelligent terminals, smart TVs, and wearable devices.
What is a Smart Sensor? Smart Sensor Introduction Brochure

Smart Sensor

Smart sensors are sensors with information processing functions. The intelligent sensor has a microprocessor, which has the ability to collect, process and exchange information. It is the product of the combination of ...
What are the Advantages of an Intelligent Transportation System? Concept of Intelligent Transportation System

Intelligent Transportation System

Intelligent transportation system, also known as intelligent transportation system, is to effectively and comprehensively apply advanced science and technology (information technology, computer technology, data communication ...
Why do So Many People Focus on Internet of Things Technology? Development of Internet of Things Technology

Internet of Things Technology

The Internet of Things technology originated in the field of media and is the third revolution in the information technology industry.
The Main Difference Between the Four Network Storage Technologies of Network Storage Devices

Network Storage Devices

A network storage device is like a terminal with only a storage function, which works independently and has a fixed system inside, but can set some parameter functions by itself, and can be connected to a server or computer for settings.
Why Choose to Use Wireless Base Stations? Features of WiFi Base Stations

Wireless Base Stations

A real wireless base station needs to meet different practical uses and business needs in the case of multi-core, high-bandwidth, multi-band, high-power, and long-distance transmission, and can more flexibly adapt to different building floors.
What is the Use of the WiFi Network Extender? Introduction of WiFi Network Extender

WiFi Network Extender

A WiFi network extender is a device that can effectively extend the network transmission distance. The WiFi network extender can break through the limitation of traditional Ethernet transmission distance within 100 mete...