What is a Commercial WiFi Router? Four-Faith Commercial WiFi Router

Commercial WiFi Router

Commercial wifi routers belong to a subcategory of routers, and routers are classified into enterprise-class routers, carrier-class routers, home routers, and commercial wifi routers by type. Several types of routers have differences in stability, capacity, and functions, which can be said to have their own characteristics for different fields.
Introduction of SFP Optical Module

SFP Optical Module

SFP optical module is a hot-swappable small package module in SFP package, the maximum rate can reach 10.3G, and the interface is LC. SFP optical modules are mainly composed of lasers. SFP classification can be divided into rate classification, wavelength classification, and mode classification.
What is a Protocol Converter Gateway? The Concept of Protocol Converter Gateway

Protocol Converter Gateway

The protocol converter gateway is also known as the network connector and the protocol converter. The gateway realizes network interconnection above the network layer. It is a complex network interconnection device and is only used for the interconnection of two networks with different high-level protocols.
What is a Data Switch? The Working Principle of the Data Switch

what is a data switch

Switch means "data switch" and is a network device used for electrical (optical) signal forwarding. It can provide an exclusive electrical signal path for any two network nodes of the access data switch. The most common switches are Ethernet switches. Other common ones are telephone voice switches, fiber switches and so on.  
Introduction to 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switches

10 Gigabit Ethernet Switches

A 10 Gigabit ethernet switch refers to a device capable of delivering more than 10 gigabits of throughput in one second.  
What is a Point to Point Wireless Bridge Outdoor? Introduction to the Settings of the Wireless Bridge

Point to Point Wireless Bridge Outdoor

A point to point wireless bridge outdoor is a bridging of wireless networks, which can bridge communication between two or more networks (a point to point wireless bridge outdoor is also a branch of wireless AP). I...
Knowledge About the 4G Mobile Signal Booster

4G Mobile Signal Booster

Nowadays, 4G mobile phones are becoming more and more popular, and 4G mobile signal boosters are also getting more and more attention. The key role of the mobile phone is to make calls, but the most important thing when making a call is the signal of the mobile phone.
What is the Modbus TCP Gateway? The Difference Between to the Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP

Modubs TCP gateway Modbus RTU gateway

A Modbus gateway is a device that converts the Modubs TCP gateway protocol to the Modbus RTU gateway protocol. It can be understood as an industrial router that supports the modbus protocol. I believe that if you call it this way, you will understand it better. Modbus is widely used in the field of meters and sensors, and the data of the meters and sensors can be obtained.
What is Modbus Communication Protocol? Introduction to the Characteristics of Modbus TCP/IP Protocol

Modbus Communication Protocol

MODBUS/TCP is a derivative of the simple, vendor-neutral MODBUS series of communication protocols used to manage and control automation equipment. Obviously, it covers the use of MODBUS telegrams in "Intranet" and "Inte...
What is Wireless Data Transmission? Introduction to the Types and Applications of Wireless Data Transmission

Wireless Data Transmission

Wireless data transmission refers to the use of wireless data transmission modules to remotely transmit data or various physical quantities output by industrial field equipment. It can perform wireless analog quantity acquisition or wireless switch quantity control. If the transmission is switch quantity, it can be done remotely. Device telemetry remote control.