Body Temperature Machine Precautions You Need to Know! Introduction to the Use of Thermometers

Body Temperature Machine

Temperature machine is a kind of highest body temperature machine, also known as "medical body temperature machine", and it is called a heat probe in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It records the highest temperature ever measured by the body temperature machine.
How to Improve Network Performance? Network Performance Improvement Guide

Network Performance

Network performance indicators are indicators to measure network performance, including bandwidth, delay, and bandwidth-delay product. You need some tricks to improve your network as much as possible.
PoE Switch vs. PoE Network Video Recorder: When Can PoE Network Video Recorder Be Used

PoE Network Video Recorder

PoE network video recorder is a video recorder with power over Ethernet function, which is mainly used in IP video surveillance system and is responsible for the storage and forwarding of video streams.
What is a Network Adapter? Network Adapter Features You Must Know

Network Adapter

A network adapter is a piece of computer hardware designed to allow a computer to communicate over a computer network. Because it has a MAC address, it falls between layers 1 and 2 of the OSI model. It allows users to connect to each other via cable or wirelessly.
How Smart and Convenient is a Smart Home Gateway? Smart Home Gateway Guide

Smart Home Gateway

The smart home gateway is the heart of home intelligence, through which the system's information collection, information input, information output, centralized control, remote control, linkage control and other functions are realized.
How to Read a Smart Meter? Introduction of Smart Meter Reading System

how to read a smart meter smart meter reading

Many people only know that an electric meter is a meter used to measure electricity, and they do not know how to read a smart meter. Therefore, in our real life, we often see some people for a few kilowatts of...
What is the Future of the Energy Internet of Things? Introduction to the Energy Internet of Things

Energy Internet of Things

Energy Internet of Things is an intelligent power-saving control system and model based on environmental and equipment perception and intelligent prediction of working conditions.  
What is an Environmental Monitoring System? A Comprehensive Introduction to the Computer Room Environmental Monitoring System

Environmental Monitoring System

The computer room environmental monitoring system is a computer network composed of computer network technology, database technology, communication technology, automatic control technology, new sensor technology, etc.
Popular Science: About Machine Vision Technology

Machine Vision Technology

Machine vision technology is an interdisciplinary subject involving artificial intelligence, neurobiology, psychophysics, computer science, image processing, pattern recognition and many other fields. Machine vision technology...
How Important is a Home Security System? Functional Analysis of Home Security System

Home Security System

Home security system refers to a comprehensive system that provides residential intrusion alarm system services through various alarm detectors, alarm hosts, cameras, card readers, access control controllers, alarm centers...