Why Choose to Use Wireless Base Stations? Features of WiFi Base Stations

Wireless Base Stations

A real wireless base station needs to meet different practical uses and business needs in the case of multi-core, high-bandwidth, multi-band, high-power, and long-distance transmission, and can more flexibly adapt to different building floors.
What is the Use of the WiFi Network Extender? Introduction of WiFi Network Extender

WiFi Network Extender

A WiFi network extender is a device that can effectively extend the network transmission distance. The WiFi network extender can break through the limitation of traditional Ethernet transmission distance within 100 mete...
Do you Know About Wireless Data Acquisition? The Working Principle of Wireless Data Acquisition

Wireless Data Acquisition

Wireless data acquisition refers to the use of wireless data acquisition modules or equipment to collect and remotely transmit the voltage, current and other physical quantities output by sensors in the industrial field.  
What are the Uses of Wavelength Division Multiplexers? Types of Wavelength Division Multiplexers

Wavelength Division Multiplexers

Wavelength division multiplexer is a communication technology that combines a series of optical signals carrying information but with different wavelengths into a bundle and transmits them along a single fiber; at the ...
The Difference Between to the Embedded Industrial Computer and Ordinary Industrial Computer

Embedded Industrial Computer

Embedded industrial computer is a ruggedized enhanced industrial computer. The natural environment and temperature regulations of embedded industrial computers are relatively strict, and are generally customized according to the actual natural environment of customers.
What is the Use of the Data Acquisition Module? Features of GPRS Data Acquisition Module

Data Acquisition Module

Data acquisition is the bridge between the computer and the external physical world. The data acquisition module is composed of sensors, controllers and other units. Data acquisition cards, data acquisition modules, data acquisition instruments, etc. are all data acquisition tools.
What is the Wireless Access Point for Home? Teach you How to Choose a Wireless Access Point

Wireless Access Point for Home

A wireless access point is an access point to a wireless network, commonly known as a "hotspot". There are mainly routing, switching and access integrated devices and pure access point devices. 
What is a Network Splitter? Application Fields of Network Splitter

Network Splitter

A network splitter, including the usual 2.5G taps, 10G taps, 40G taps, and Test Access Port (TAP), is a hardware device that plugs directly into a network cable and sends a network traffic to other equipment.  
Wireless Network Standards for Wireless Internet Devices

Wireless Internet Devices

Wireless Internet devices mean that devices (such as laptops, mobile phones, IPADs, etc.) are connected to the Internet through wireless means. It doesn't have to drag a network cable to access the Internet like a desktop computer.  
What are the Advantages of a WiFi Network Repeater? The Technology of WiFi Network Repeater

WiFi Network Repeater

For wifi network repeaters, in a wide space environment, the coverage of wireless signals is more important than bandwidth and speed. Undoubtedly, it is a better choice to use a wifi network repeaters to extend the coverage of the base station. In the network, the wifi network repeaters can be simply referred to as a wireless AP in a narrow sense.