What's the Difference Between 2.4 G and 5G? Introduction to the Difference Between 2.4G and 5G

What s the Difference Between 2 4 G and 5G

What's the difference between 2.4 g and 5g? 2.4g and 5g mainly refer to signals of two different frequency bands, mainly in terms of transmission range and network speed. The former band has a relatively short freq...
What is ZigBee Protocol in IoT? Introduction to the ZigBee Standard

ZigBee Protocol in IoT

ZigBee, also known as ZigBee, is a wireless network protocol for low-speed short-distance transmission. The bottom layer is the media access layer and physical layer using the IEEE 802.15.4 standard specification. The ...
What is a Wireless Communication Module? Advantages of Wireless Communication Modules

Wireless Communication Module

Wireless communication modules are widely used in vehicle monitoring, remote control, telemetry, small wireless networks, wireless meter reading, access control systems, cell paging, industrial data acquisition systems, wir...
The Method of Point-to-point Wireless Bridge to Avoid Interference

Point-to-point Wireless Bridge

The access point still acts as a central controller for wireless stations in its BSS (Basic Service Set), but it only communicates with one other wireless bridge. Through the "Preferred BSS ID" setting, the MAC of ...
What is Software Configuration Management? Benefits of Software Configuration Management

Software Configuration Management

Software configuration management (SCM) refers to a series of measures to control and standardize software products and their development process and life cycle through technical or administrative means at each stage of the development process.
What is the ARP Protocol? Introduction to ARP Spoofing (Security Risk)

What is the ARP Protocol

What does ARP mean? ARP is actually an address resolution protocol, namely ARP (Address ResoluTIon Protocol), which is a TCP/IP protocol for obtaining physical addresses based on IP addresses.
What is Baud Rate? The Difference Between to Baud Rate, Bit Rate and Communication Speed

What is Baud Rate

In the field of communication transmission, some proper terms are often heard, such as: baud rate, bit rate, etc. Most people may not understand its meaning. What is baud rate? This article will explain the baud rate and other related knowledge in detail.
What is a Wireless Sensor Network in IoT? Application Fields of Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless Sensor Network in IoT

Wireless sensor networks have many types of sensors that can detect a variety of phenomena in the surrounding environment, including seismic, electromagnetic, temperature, humidity, noise, light intensity, pressure, soil composition, size, speed, and direction of moving objects.
Introduction to ZigBee Wireless Communication

ZigBee Wireless Communication

ZigBee wireless communication is an emerging short-range, low-rate wireless network technology. As a wireless network technology with short distance, low power consumption and low data transmission rate, zigbee wireless communication is a technical solution between wireless tag technology and Bluetooth. 
What is M2M Communication? The Composition of the Hardware and System of M2M Communication

what is m2m communication

What is M2M communication? M2M (Machine to Machine) is to effectively control equipment through mobile communication, thereby greatly expanding the boundaries of business or creating more efficient business methods than traditional methods, or creating new services that are completely different from traditional methods.